Arnuz Clothing Reviews – Can It Be Trusted For Real?

arnuz clothing reviews

I happened to come across the website of Arnuz clothing and saw their beautiful collection of clothes. There was a ‘Hot Sale’ going on as well on their website. I thought of digging deep into their website and seeing their collection and of course the Arnuz Clothing reviews. All the beautiful collection of casual dresses, sweaters, cardigans, tops, and co-ord sets was not something I wanted to miss.

The holiday season was approaching, and I had a vacation planned for later this year so wanted to grab some clothing items for these occasions.

But first I had to look for the Arnuz clothing reviews as well. I turned to the website and other social media platforms for reviews.

Nowadays online scams have become so rampant, it’s necessary for one must buy something after thorough research. It was time I do on my part too.

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So, what’s different about this brand?

It was quite interesting to read about the brand itself. It is a US-based website and was launched in 2015. Presently it has warehouses in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Before the official website launch, it had been operating as a manufacturer and supplier in the retail fashion space. After the launch of its official website, it started outsourcing and providing a platform for many designers to showcase and sell their creative fashionable pieces.

What I loved about their ideology was that they were giving opportunities to small businesses and the ‘yet-to-be’ famous designers who needed an audience and exposure. Another thing to highlight was that the designer and customer were in direct contact with each other without the involvement of a middleman.

The use of recyclable materials in the creation of these clothes is something that needs to be appreciated. Some share of the revenue is also donated to charities working for poverty-stricken people around the world.

What is not to love about this brand so far?

As for the Arnuz Clothing reviews, I found them on the website with each product. Surprisingly ‘very positive reviews’ overall.

Products of

arnuz clothing reviews

There’s a wide variety of products to choose from according to your liking, style, fabric preference, design, and occasion.

They have tops, and all kinds of dresses, be it mini dresses, midi dresses, long flowy maxi dresses, sweaters, cardigans, cape-styled tops, and suit sets. These items come in both casual and fancy styles according to your preference. There are a lot of outerwear options, zipped sweaters, hoodies, blouses, and trendy chic tops.

This can be your one-stop shop for trendy, cute, and fashionable pieces to fill your wardrobe. They offer good prices and one can avail of free delivery shopping for over $79. Additionally, if you buy more than one product you can avail of a 5% discount coupon. That’s so cool right?!

Before I give my final verdict and do more research about what I found about the brand, let’s talk about the pros and cons of Arnuz clothing in general.

Pros & Cons (Arnuz Clothing Reviews)


  • Detailed Size charts.
  • Mention every detail of the item.
  • Eco-friendly items.
  • Amazing fabric material.
  • Style ideas to go with every item.
  • Facebook and Instagram presence.
  • You can ‘Shop by Price’ according to your budget.
  • Coupon code to save 5% on purchasing more than 1 item.
  • Different clothing options to select for every kind of occasion.
  • Free delivery on orders above $79.


  • Monotonous Arnuz reviews on other platforms.
  • Long Delivery time.

Arnuz Clothing Reviews By Customers

 I also looked for Arnuz clothing reviews and eventually came across different customer reviews about their products. Most of the reviews were good but, on their website, only. People were satisfied with the overall experience of shopping with them. The fabric quality, design, and variety of stuff they offered in one place was something many people liked about their website. Though I would like to mention that there were people who complained about the size issue and late deliveries.

According to the website, everything looks good!

However, When looking at their Facebook, and Instagram, it was rather fishy, how they had turned off the review section.

Furthermore, I came across a few websites where people had explained their awful experiences with this website. The enormous reviews were convincing enough to not trust this website. It was a scam, and it was sad how so many people fell victim to it.

So, Is A Legit Clothing Website?

arnuz clothing reviews

Let’s dig in to see if this website is legit or not.

  • On their website, the address they mentioned was not real. It was an address based in the UK, despite the company claiming to be operating from the USA.
  • The reviews on their official website were fake. This was confirmed through other social media channels.
  • Upon checking the domain age, it was also revealed that the domain expires in 2 months’ time which indicates the website is not legit.
  • The spam score is 22 which is relatively high and suspicious. Hence, we cannot claim it as a legit brand but rather a dubious brand.

Finding out all this information regarding the website, I was so astonished because on their website they painted such a perfect picture of everything. And I could see how people would be so convinced easily just by looking at the website. It would be so easy to fall prey to their scam!

Conclusion (Arnuz Clothing Reviews)

For my concluding remarks regarding this website, I would say that this is a total scam and should be avoided for shopping. The products and items are tempting to buy but one must do proper research before investing in their products as they’re not true to their words.

The reviews written on different platforms prove their illegitimacy. The domain age, fake reviews on the website, spam score, and address, all point in one direction, that this is a fake brand.

This was my conclusion based on research on Arnuz clothing reviews. Always make sure to search and read reviews through different social platforms. If the website has hidden its review section, that could be another red flag.

7 thoughts on “Arnuz Clothing Reviews – Can It Be Trusted For Real?”

  1. It’s a total scam!!! The dress that I purchased is an item of a very poor quality. There are no tags on the dress. The most important thing is that they will not let you to return it!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS!! BE SMART!!!

  2. Ordered 2 items and took about 2.5 weeks. Both were very stiff and needed to be returned due to material and where it hit on my body. Contacted customer service and they didn’t want to have you return it. They offered $14 money back then $25 money back then $40 money back. They stated that the return would be expensive and on you. They wouldn’t give return address ( you can’t return to address on package) or any return label. Be very cautious when purchasing from them unless your perfect size and height.

  3. Mattie Sherrell

    I purchased an order for a dress, it’s been almost three weeks and I haven’t received the order yet! I don’t know how to get in touch with this company to track the order. Is there someone who can help me track the order?

  4. Mattie Sherrell

    I want to know how I can contact this company. Please contact me with valid information , if possible.
    Thank You

  5. ordered 2 dresses took a long time to receive. finally got the item, they were WAY TOO small. Their sizing is not correct. I tried several times to get someone from the company to respond on how to return. this company sucks! they offered me $14 for the $80 purchase I made, then $25 then $40 then $45. I copied their Policy and sent it back to them highlighted where it said contact them for authorization and return addres. they even said they don’t have a warehouse in US, well the package came from California plus on their About Us page it says, we recently open a warehouse in the US and now ship directly from there. they tried to tell me I need to ship their items to Dubai, like what the heck and they were not going to give me a shipping label, it would be on me. no where on their policy the return cost to ship back would be on the customer. This company is a BIG RIP OFF/SCAM!

  6. BEWARE! I have purchased 1 dress, unfortunately it did not fit and it was a very poor quality.
    So, you have to obtain an authorization for your return which company refuses to provide, so you can’t return it.
    Unless, you ship it by yourself $$$ to their warehouse in Dubai, very confusing, because the website states that their warehouse is in US.
    Reading the reviews, we all sharing the unpleasant customer service experience.
    You’ve been Warned!!!

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