Heyshape Reviews – Are They Sellig The Good Quality Products For Women’s Or Another Scam? Find Out

Heyshape Reviews

Heyshape Reviews – As everyone is in a hurry, it isn’t easy to get time and go to market for the desired product. Online shopping makes the process easy for us. We can buy products in the comfort of our homes. However, the question arises whether it is risky or not to trust the platform. Many platforms and e–e-e-stores sell online products like HeyShape.com.

I love shopping but don’t have time, so I prefer online shopping. A trick I found helpful in online shopping is reading customer reviews. Many websites provide updates about the reviews. If we want products from HeyShape you can check Heyshape Reviews.

In Digital MarketPlace, there are only a few product stores available. Instead of this, there are stores of your every desired product. I recently looked for a body shaper to look smart and confident and found an amazing HeyShape store.

Are you exhausted from belly fat? Or if you want a body shape to look mesmerizing, then HeyShape provides amazing products. But the question is, is it a legit site to do online shopping or not? To Know about the legitimacy of HeyShape, you must read the complete article of Heyshape review.

What is HeyShape.com?

Heyshape Reviews

It is an online store that provides amazing products for body shape, such as body shapers and body suits. What amazed me is their discount rate, they offer amazing discounts on all the products.

HeyShape.com has a personal brand that makes the products that they sell online. Many folks talk about body shapers and these products, But many red flags click on your mind when you open the websites that deliver body shapers, such as HeyShape.com.

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It delivers many kinds of items in different sizes and shapes few ones are discussed below;

  • Front Zippered Bodysuit
  • Stretchy Bodysuits
  • Open Bust suits
  • Spanx Plunge low-back bodysuits
  • Thong style suits and many more.
  • The Plus point of HeyShape is that it delivers in size 3XL

The discount which they offer is unbelievable. The people who buy products from websites like this thought at least once about the scam. what points do you keep in mind when you do online shopping?

Is HeyShape.com is A Legit Website or Scam?

Heyshape Reviews

From a critical point of you, HeyShape reviews show many red flags of HeyShape.com.

Details About The Website;

  • Contact Mail: support@heyshape.com
  • Payment Method: They offer payment platforms like PayPal, credit card, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.
  • Address: Lightbuzzn E-Commerce LLC 9450 SW Gemini Dr, PMB 95258 Beaverton, OR 97008, USA  
  • Delivery time: They deliver within seven days.      
  • Delivery Method: Shipping
  • Refund Policy: After delivery, the customer has to return the product within 14 days. Otherwise, it is not accepted. They receive the return package after confirmation payment is sent to a credit card.

Many websites copy other websites’ products, a complete red flag of scams. They copy products from Alien Tees, South Hood, and Crocodile Times. A legit website is one who didn’t hide any details from the customer because the customer is the most considerable backbone of any brand. Scammer scams the way you didn’t think. Beware of the scams and read most of the reviews to get trust.

Things to keep in mind when you order the products from get Heyshape.com

  • When shopping from a scam store, a customer must know three things;
  • People often didn’t receive their desired product
  • The biggest example of a bait-and-switch scam is not delivering the quality or changing the order.
  • Scam e-stores mostly hack the credit card of the customer. In this case, people must mostly pay for products they don’t order.

Customers HeyShape Reviews

Heyshape Reviews

People who buy the products have negative reviews about the heyshape.com. They took a long time to deliver the product, more than a month. Many customers, when they receive the product, get disheartened because the quality of the product is too low. Their clothing is thin, like paper, which feels uncomfortable for the body.

HeyShape.com reviews show customers are exhausted from their delivery methods, and the items they order get the opposite product. A customer ordered Size M but got Size L.

Manny customers think that discount offers by us due to some occasion or due to some achievement of the site, and they order. But they received a terrible response.


  • The positive thing about this is to offer a discount. They provide a Buy One get one free offer.
  • On Reddit, people post exciting talks about HeyShapes.com.


  • The order needs to be fixed by the site. You ordered two, and on the website, your order was received once.
  • Waiting is too tricky, and they deliver late.
  • The quality of the product could be better. The straps are low in quality and can’t hold anything.
  • They show a refund policy, but no customer can refund their charges.


HeyShape reviews show that there are many red flags on the website. They advertise their products well but deliver inferior products. Before buying a product from here, you must read the customer reviews to know about the scam.

Before doing online shopping, a customer needs to check the complete details of the website and read about their domain age.


Where can I get the Heyshape product?

You can order the shaped product from Amazon from their website getheyshape.com.

How do I find a discount coupon code?

Check their website for a newsletter.

Is Heyshape have some social media presence?

One of the main things to focus on is the site’s social media presence. There is no social media presence, but they show they have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. When you click on they take you to another platform.

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