Imagleisur Bra Reviews – Is This Brand Worth Your Money?

Imagleisur bra reviews

Imagleisur Bra Reviews – I’ve been looking for some good quality bras and came across this website called Imagleisur. They had a good collection of bras and a wide variety of other items as well. They had a hot sale going on as well. I was tempted to grab a few for myself but I was not sure about whether this website was selling authentic products or not. 

 So, I thought of doing a little research about this brand and find about the Imagleisur bra reviews. On the website I couldn’t find much, although I would say other details and information were maintained well.

After so much scrolling I came across a few websites, and social platforms where I could find authentic Imagleisur bra reviews. I also searched up for the trust index score and spam score of this website to rule out its legitimacy. 

 Let’s get started in revealing this brand and finding out if it’s worth investing your money.

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About Imagleisur Bra

Before I present my research about the website. Let’s see what the brand has to say about itself. My first impression as I open the website, it doesn’t appear very appealing but who knows they might have great things to offer.

The core vision of this brand is to spread uniqueness through its products and help people express themselves. According to them, they have highly professional suppliers and production houses that make the best custom-made products. They are solely working for customer satisfaction when it comes to making custom products. Impressive!

There is a wide range of custom products collection pertaining to every hobby, profession, sport, passion, or every possible thing one can think of!

Additionally, they offer worldwide shipping, and a money-back guarantee in case the product is not up to the mark. Safe and secure checkouts, the financial information and personal information of customers is encrypted. 24/7 customer support is there to sort out your matters or queries.

There’s a hot sale going on as well. They are offering ‘buy 2 get free shipping’ and up to 49% discount on some of their products.

This is a great deal if they are true to their words and actions. Let’s find out more about the brand before we jump into the Imagleisur bra reviews and final reviews.

Products of

On their website, you can find undergarments, clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. They also offer home appliances, home decor items, and other related stuff.

 There are yoga pants, dresses, cardigans, romper dresses, tank tops, leggings, track pants, and many more in clothing options.

There’s a variety of jewelry options as well. Rings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, bracelets etc.

In the undergarments section particularly bras, you can find push-up bras, invisible strapless bras, push-up wireless bras, built-in bra tank tops, and adhesive invisible bras.

According to them, the bras are made of highly breathable and soft material. The material holds the skin in its place and doesn’t allow unnecessary breast movements. It also gives good breast as well as back support with the band. These designs are ideal for daily workouts or routine activities.

Pros & Cons of Imagleisur Bra

Let’s dig into some pros and cons of


  • Breathable fabric, seamless fitting.
  • Appropriate size charts.
  • Wide variety of product collection.
  • An apparent Supportive customer care service.


  • It is a relatively new website.
  • No reviews available on the website or products.
  • Website address not appropriate.
  • Missing contact details.
  • Negative reviews about the bras.

What Do Customers Say About Imagleisur Bra?

 I looked around for imagleisur bras reviews and surprisingly there were not any good reviews about the Imagleisur bras. The few customers who had ordered from this website did not receive the product at all. Their money got stuck as well and was not refunded later.

A few people who had received their order did not get a good quality or a size-appropriate product. In some cases, the refund took a year! The whereabouts of the company were not authentic, and the tracking history was also misleading. Sometimes the product was in Australia, China, or some other place. The shipment also took more than a month or weeks to arrive to the customer. The size chart was way off for most of the customers who had received their order even though the quality of the product was fine. 

Overall, there were multiple issues with the brand which surely makes it unfit to shop from. 

This was the summary of the Imagleisur bra reviews I could gather from different social platforms as they had no reviews of their own on the website.

Is Legit Place To Buy Bras?

Imagleisur bra reviews

So, is it legit or not? This is not a tricky question anymore. Finding more about the website, I found out that it has a poor trust index of only 8%. The domain age also refers to the fact that it is a relatively new website. It has a very short life expectancy as well. The domain was created less than a year ago and the expiration date also states that it is less than 6 months old.

All these pointers deem this website a total scam. The Imagleisur bra reviews of people on different other platforms also confirms their illegitimacy. Furthermore, the address they’ve mentioned on their website and the incomplete contact details also prove that this website is not authentic. Too many red flags!


Having reviewed the brand, I think it’s safe to agree that this website gives high red flags! I have stated all the facts about this brand. It really frustrates me and makes me somewhat sad that people are running scams while innocent people are falling victim to these websites. The research I have concluded about the Imagleisur bra review is true to its word. I hope people research well before investing in buying from any online shop. If you’re still not convinced with the findings and proceed to buy from this website. Then it’s at your own risk. I have already warned you!

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