Mamoic Clothing Reviews – Does Really Offer Mammoth Discounts or Another Scam?

Mamoic Clothing Reviews

Mamoic Clothing Reviews – It is an online retail destination that features a captivating assortment of distinctive and avant-garde fashion pieces. Despite its diverse range of clothing and accessories, the store has encountered doubt from certain prospective customers.

This skepticism stems from the lack of external reviews and the predominance of overly positive feedback solely found on their website. In this evaluation, we will explore the factors contributing to the trustworthiness concerns surrounding Mamoic Clothing.

What is Mamoic clothing?

Mamoic Clothing Reviews – It is an Athens, Greece-based online fashion brand specializing in the creation and production of a diverse range of women’s clothing and fashion accessories. Their core mission revolves around crafting versatile and timeless pieces that seamlessly fit into various occasions.

With a commitment to serving the contemporary woman, Mamoic Clothing prides itself on delivering one-of-a-kind designs that enable mixing and matching to curate complete ensembles. Their central ethos revolves around celebrating the essence of womanhood while maintaining a steadfast dedication to offering top-tier, enduring fashion choices. While their product range encompasses a wide array of fashion items, their primary focal point remains women’s apparel.

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Their product lineup includes a variety of items such as:


Mamoic Clothing Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Mamoic reviews

After a thorough examination of the official website, we noticed that all the reviews displayed perfect 5-star ratings. This certainly caught our attention, as such consistent positivity in reviews is quite unusual.

In cases where customer reviews are not prominently featured on a website, our typical course of action is to explore additional platforms such as Scam Advisor and Trustpilot for additional insights. However, we were somewhat surprised to discover that Mamoic Clothing had no reviews available on Trustpilot.

Scam Advisor did provide Mamoic with a Trust score of 80 out of 100, suggesting a certain level of trustworthiness. Nonetheless, it’s important to exercise caution and consider further investigation, especially due to the absence of reviews and the uniformly positive ratings featured on the official website. This calls for a more thorough assessment of the store’s credibility.

Upon conducting a comprehensive analysis of the official Mamoic Clothing website, one striking observation was the prevalence of perfect 5-star ratings across all customer reviews. Such unwavering positivity within reviews is an unusual occurrence and raised intriguing questions.

In situations where customer reviews are not prominently featured on a website, our standard practice is to seek additional insights on external platforms such as Scam Advisor and Trustpilot. However, our investigation yielded an unexpected discovery: Mamoic Clothing had no reviews available on Trustpilot, a platform typically rich in customer feedback.

Scam Advisor did assign Mamoic a Trust score of 61 out of 100, indicating a certain degree of trustworthiness. Nevertheless, it is imperative to exercise prudence and initiate further scrutiny, primarily due to the absence of reviews and the conspicuous uniformity of positive ratings presented on the official website. This underscores the importance of a more comprehensive evaluation of the store’s credibility.

In summary, while Mamoic Clothing may have some positive qualities, the lack of external reviews and the overwhelmingly positive on-site reviews suggest a need for caution. Potential customers should approach with diligence and take these factors into consideration when considering a purchase from this online store.

Pros & Cons of Mamoic clothing


  • Explore a captivating collection of distinctive and avant-garde fashion pieces.
  • Discover an extensive array of clothing choices.
  • Enjoy the ease of a user-friendly online shopping platform.
  • Utilize our comprehensive sizing guide for a perfect fit.
  • Benefit from our flexible payment options.
  • Experience complimentary shipping services across Greece.


  • Insufficient customer feedback.
  • Absence of external Trustpilot reviews.
  • Potential doubt arising from overly positive on-site reviews.
  • The potential for shipping costs associated with returns.
  • Scarcity of background information about the brand.

Is Mamoic Clothing Legit or a Scam?

Mamoic Clothing Reviews

Positive Indicators for Mamoic Clothing:

  • Company Address Transparency: Mamoic Clothing provides a physical company address, demonstrating a commitment to transparency.
  • Clear Company Name: The company’s name,, is straightforward and easy to identify.
  • Accessible Contact Information: Mamoic Clothing offers accessible contact options, including email ( and a telephone number (TEL: +(86) 18124111522), ensuring customers can reach out when needed.
  • Engaged Social Media Presence: Mamoic Clothing actively engages with customers on social media platforms, showcasing their products and fostering customer interaction.

Negative Indicators for Mamoic Clothing:

  • Overly Positive Website Reviews: All website reviews receiving perfect 5-star ratings may lead to suspicions of potential bias or manipulation.
  • Lack of Trustpilot Reviews: The absence of reviews on external platforms such as Trustpilot makes it challenging to independently assess customer experiences.
  • Questionable Discounts: Customers should exercise caution when encountering unrealistically high discounts or promotions, as they may be used as a ploy to attract buyers.

In summary, Mamoic Clothing Reviews displays several positive attributes, including transparent contact information and an engaged social media presence. However, the absence of independent reviews and the presence of uniformly positive website reviews raise some cautionary flags. Shoppers are advised to exercise due diligence and consider these potential concerns before making a purchase.

Final Verdict

In summary, Mamoic Clothing Reviews is an online store that specializes in distinctive and unconventional fashion items, boasting a wide array of clothing selections to cater to diverse shopper preferences. They facilitate various payment options and extend complimentary shipping services to customers located within Greece, a convenience that local shoppers may find appealing.

Nevertheless, there are lingering doubts about the credibility of Mamoic Clothing Reviews. The absence of impartial customer reviews and the overwhelmingly positive on-site feedback give rise to skepticism. While there are certain positive indicators, such as the provision of a company address and contact details, it is imperative for potential shoppers to exercise prudence and conduct comprehensive research before committing to a purchase.

It is advisable to take heed of potential warning signs, such as the lack of Trustpilot reviews and the uniformity of favorable website testimonials when making the decision to shop at Mamoic Clothing. As a fundamental guideline for secure online shopping, it is crucial to validate the legitimacy of a new website and remain vigilant for red flags prior to divulging personal information or making transactions.

Ultimately, despite the attractive fashion offerings that Mamoic Clothing may present, consumers should prioritize their online security and remain cognizant of potential risks associated with lesser-known online retailers.


Q: What Payment Methods Does Mamoic Clothing Accept?

Mamoic Clothing accepts various payment methods, including cash on delivery and bank transfers.

Q: Does Mamoic Clothing Provide Free Shipping?

Mamoic Clothing extends complimentary shipping services within Greece, although specific terms and conditions may apply.

Q: Is it Possible to Return Items to Mamoic Clothing?

In most cases, products in brand-new condition shipped from Mamoic Clothing can be returned within 14 days of receipt. However, please note that certain products may have different return policies or specific requirements.

Q: How Can I Get in Touch with Mamoic Clothing?

You can contact Mamoic Clothing via email at Additionally, they provide a telephone number: +(86) 18124111522.

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