Nooro Massager Reviews – Does It Really Works? Worth Buying Massage Device or Not?

nooro massager reviews

Nooro Massager Reviews – Are your muscles stressed due to work overload? Do your feet need massage as it feels pain? Are you tired of trying many medications and need some digital device to relieve your pain? As you know, we often feel pain due to overstress, or maybe disease causes this. Handy massages and medications harm our bodies more than they are beneficial.

Nowadays, with the digital revolution, digital massaging devices are designed. That relieves body pain within minutes for a long time. Nooro massager is one of the best trending devices for muscles, knee, and foot massage. You’ll learn in this Nooro Massager reviews about the Nooro massaging devices, how they work, and these work in real.

About is a USA-based company that devises massaging devices. Recently they have launched some new products for feet, body muscles and knee massaging devices. These devices are small in size but work for the long term. has free shipping for USA orders. Their shipment is worldwide. Nooro massager devices stimulate blood circulation and naturally relieve your pain. There are no harmful effects of these devices. Products, their Use, and Work Procedure:

Nooro has the following three massaging devices, and also you’ll learn how these work and their use.

1.  Nooro Knee Massager

Nooro Knee Massager

It is a digital device to relieve your knee pain. It is useful for some diseased persons with related knee issues.

  • Who may use Nooro Knee Massager: Dr. Healthyknee designed this device, especially for runners, basketballers, and other athletes. It may be used in the cure of osteoarthritis, knee pain, post-surgery recovery, athletic recovery, bursitis, meniscus, and tendonitis issues.
  • How to Use Nooro Knee Massager: the device is very simple and easy to use. It has two strips stripped with the device. You have to wear that device on your knee. It has manual settings and auto-settings. You may customize it as per your choice. After wearing this device, just turn it on and then do settings. It will start working. It should be charged when the battery is low.
  • How does it work?: when the device is turned on, it starts warming the knee. Basically, it fastens blood circulation and it will lead to the soothing and warming of your body. You may use it daily before sleeping for comfortable sleep.

2.  Nooro Body Massager

Nooro Body Massager

Nooro Body Massager is a device that relieves your muscles of pain and discomfort. Further details are below:

  • What does it treat?: Due to workload, often muscles start to stretch or cramps start to, it is an easy treatment for muscle pain, leg pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc. It may help in athletic recovery.
  • How do I Use it?: You may use it any time of the day. Like before start working, you may use it as it helps in the warm-up. Its use is super convenient. Its shape is like a butterfly. You just have to put it on your body for 12 minutes. It will start working on its own. Just scrub it if you think it is needed.
  • How Does it work?: Its work process is quite simple. Its main work is to warm up the body and relax the muscles. It warms up your body area and speed-up the blood flow. Your muscles will be relaxed after 12 minutes of proper use.

3.  EMS Regenerating Foot Massager

EMS Regenerating Foot Massager

EMS foot massager is for the foot massage if it has swollen or felt any stress. Further details are shown below:

  • What does it treat?: DrHealthyfoot’s massage device is for sufferers of chronic foot pain, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, stiffness or soreness, swollen feet, or bad blood circulation.
  • How to use it?: Its use is easy. It has a rectangular feet-putting cloth or plastic where you have to put your feet. Then a small round-shaped device, that has a control panel, should be attached to that specific cloth material. Just turn it on. It will start working.
  • How does it work?: it radiates some light electrical impulses that will travel using the feet’ acupuncture points. These impulses radiate the leg lymph and lymphatic system. It will relieve your swollen legs and stimulate blood circulation to eradicate cellulite lumps on your legs and thighs.

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Is a Genuine website or another fraud with customers?

nooro massager reviews

It is necessary for a customer to check the digital shop’s details. It is a fact that bad things happen along with good things. So, to save yourself from any scam, you should consider the following points before shopping online:

●    Contact Details:

Contact information for a website or digital store is essential. It will help customers in any bad situation. It is good that has shared the contact number and address with the vendors.

Contact No: +1 212 444 3144

Address: Room 1502, Beverly House 93-107 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.


●    Social Media Links:

Social networking has become the legal character checking point because people find various ways of reacting on the online store. Social media plays a significant role in attracting or distracting customers. has social profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Surprisingly, customers’ engagement on these platforms is unbelievable.

●    Trustscore:

Different developers have created specific extensions that check the trust score of the websites; primarily, it works for online shopping customers. The Nooro trust score is very high due to high ratings. You may check by yourself on these extensions.

●    Website Content:

Website content comprises text, graphics, and website structure. Original firms and brands are knowledgeable about all professional standards. According to an analysis of Nooro.US, they possessed lovely designs and actual photographs. It is appropriate for Nooro.

Nooro Massager Reviews By Clients

In digital purchases, customer feedback has a key role in deciding the new clients. Many customers refer the products that work to other customers. So, viewing this, Nooro massager reviews analysis is in front of you.

Most of the Nooro Massager reviews are positive. Customers have tried these massaging devices, and they are satisfied with the results they got. Most have recommended that new visitors buy these items. You may further read the Nooro reviews on the official site.

Pros & Cons


  • Super Convenient to use.
  • Satisfied Customers.
  • No pain during use.


  • Maybe overheating is the cause.
  • Does not work if not fully charged.

Last Lines (Nooro Massager Reviews)

Nooro Massager devices are real and super convenient to use. Its use is simple. You may buy at discounted prices. It is a daily-use device. is offering free shipping.

Nooro devices are available globally. As they have social media customers and their satisfying reviews have approved their legalization. The contact number is also mentioned. We recommend that it is a genuine massaging device provider. You may further ensure this by reading Nooro massager reviews.

24 thoughts on “Nooro Massager Reviews – Does It Really Works? Worth Buying Massage Device or Not?”

  1. After 3 emails regarding my faulty massager I still haven’t heard from you.
    Next is a complaint to PayPal and a full refund plus a bad review

    1. Hi Susie,

      Hier a solicitor or forget your money.

      I would say you are wasting your time because you will not get an answer. I cancelled my order on the same day as their return policy is can cancel in 24hours. But still they delivered to me after dosen of emails they asked me to send to their warehouse which I did.
      Now, I got return to me that for I have paid $ 34.50 .
      Will I get my money without a legal battle or not? Time will say how?


    2. Nooro is a scam. The electrodes don’t work, the sticky tape is useless, and they don’t issue refunds. Stay away.

  2. Seen this product once on the website didn’t order this product . Received it in a days time, Ask for a full refund. Received an email from Racyll confirming the order. Sharing for instructions on how to return this product for full refund, keep you posted

    1. Hi Paul,

      I would say forget your money if you don’t hier a solicitor.

      I would say you are wasting your time because you will not get an answer. I cancelled my order on the same day as their return policy is can cancel in 24hours. But still they delivered to me after dosen of emails they asked me to send to their warehouse which I did.
      Now, I got return to me that for I have paid $ 34.50 .
      Will I get my money without a legal battle or not? Time will say how?


    2. Hi Paul,

      Forget your money if you don’t have a solicitor.

      I would say you are wasting your time because you will not get an answer. I cancelled my order on the same day as their return policy is can cancel in 24hours. But still they delivered to me after dosen of emails they asked me to send to their warehouse which I did.
      Now, I got return to me that for I have paid $ 34.50 .
      Will I get my money without a legal battle or not? Time will say how?


      1. Lori.Langeland

        Nooro preys on desperate people with orthopedic problems seeking a magical cure. Nooro.offers no magical cure. Instead they sell expensive hyped up junk. A person could probably get the same results with an inexpensive heating pad.

  3. Warning. Stay away from any product from “NOORO”.
    They are simply an unethical and dishonest company.
    Their product customer service simply does not exist.
    Promises made to you in their emails never happen.
    NEVER give them your credit card #…. EVER!!!

  4. Beware before you buy any item from this company. They tell you that 90 day return policy, what they forget to tell you is they are in Hong Kong and you are required to pay postage back to Hong Kong which from Southern California is $46. The product is only $59, they will offer you a 30% refund. If you don’t want to mail it back this company is a scam purchase anything from them at your own risk.

  5. well I ordered 5 of these and they come packaged nicely and are impressive to look at but I can not get them to vibrate or warm or do anything

  6. From the other responses, it sounds like NOORO is a scam. That’s a crime because there are so many people living in pain with no help. There are countless treatments for breathing ailments, skin disorders etc. but many disabilities have no curative measures. While there are now knee treatments, hip procedures that can relieve pain, with back pain it’s drugs or surgery. Neither is a permanent fix. The NOORO electrical massager sounded and looked promising. From the comments on this site, I am very disappointed.

  7. robin j wright

    I bought 2 and neither worked. First one was on the charger for 12 hours and still not charge. 2nd one charged in an hour, but did not vibrate or anything. They can only be used for 30 minutes a day. Pain lasts a lot longer than that. I am mailing them back tomorrow to NY warehouse where they were sent from. Tracking and insurance, I already called my credit card and they said they will not pay them.

  8. Lori Langeland

    Another gimmick from China aimed at ripping desperate people with severe orthopedic ptoblems off. Nooro exclusively advertises in tabloids or in ads on google made to news stories. Save your money and see a real Dr. verses throwing money down the toilet on worthless junk.

  9. What a terrible product and customer service is just the same. Took forever to get the product and when I get it, it doesn’t work at all. My husband and I tried everything, got feed up threw it in the garbage after a few days. Never again
    Their customer service is programmed to say the say thing over and over. Not understanding how irate as a customer I am. After 7 emails back and forth I asked them to leave me alone as they are not reading my messages to find a solution. They sent me a survey and said they would give me 10% off don’t bother. I can’t even rate this product, not worth your money.

  10. Glad I checked out these reviews! I had seen the product online and it stated that it was not available on Amazon, but I checked anyway…. the Nooro brand isn’t on Amazon but there are several other brands out there & I know I can return any purchases back to Amazon without issues. Heading back there to do further searching!

  11. Severe arthritis awaiting TKR surgery. # days use BID after charging up for trial for assisting in pain relief. I got it 7 days. Had to call for 1 not x2, etc. Got response and emailed for same request. I would order again-but call not using web site to order. some improvement already. Tons of other Herbal sCAMS, No refunds, Lacking reliable CS. jw

  12. I paid $339.90 for two knee massager! I’m feeling like a fool! I got taken! This has been painful…I was simply looking for something that would improve my painful knees. And, since Nooro.US seemingly was going to ship from the US, I thought I was safe to order in the US! Don’t buy from this company! They are NOT shipping from the US! They offered me a 40% refund if I shipped back to China! I’m not sure what my next step will be…

    There is a US return address… Has anyone sent their product back to the US address? What happened? Please let me know.

  13. Carol L Sanchez

    Total SCAM fraudulent company will not issue refund NEVER dealing with unethical Chinese again

  14. Richard Fillion

    Don’t I wish I read all the reviews first. I bought 2 for chronic plantar fasciitis. figured the wait time for charging would be a issue in the middle of using, if one stopped running. Well it’s been 6 hours charging and nothing. in either one. I thought something was odd as charging time was not mentioned in user guide. Various flaws, directions you need magnification. So it’s it from the unit to directions, which are not clear, using the unit itself with steps to follow. Those are there, in tiny description, not easy to read controller. The tiny cord is maybe 16″, so if you want to keep it plugged to run it through it’s cycles, if there really are any, you will need an extension cord. Most every other toy, phone, etc. I have, flashlight if battery has died, and you plug in to check bulb for an example, or if your phone can be used the interior transformers allow it to be. not with this unit. Also beaware of the tiny print, at the end, if you have spinal hardware, pacemaker, screws, plates etc. it says not to use. Does it make a difference if the 6 screws in my back will affect using this on my feet? Well reading the reviews about returns, I guess I just got taken. I didn’t look at other products before I ordered this. A pop up add for a problem that has put the quality of my life on hold for over 18 months now, and no sign of relief. Other options more than I thought. similar to this, just for feet. Not much more either considering I got porked for 2. What we do when we want to get back to life, work, and out of pain. At 67, I waas hoping this was going make a big difference as I have had this therapy used in a doc’s office and it at least helped with the pain, Beaware, it appears the company doesn’t stand behind their product. In fact I type it in and only sections for reviews scams come up. Not the actual item, so if one wanted more of those stick em pads, or a cord replacement no idea how that will happen if at all. I guess I missed the the part where it said NO RETURNS.

  15. First of all use paypal for purchasing online products or your credit card (not a bank debit card) and if your product is garbage initiate a cancel payment and refund through Paypal, Via or MC. Save all correspondence from the company you purchase through like website, emails sent and received, debits to your accounts and especially their guarantees’ given. Then contact those institutions and claim fraudulent advertising and you will get your money back without the hassle. Your bank can also do the same if you used a debit card but institutions will want copies of all correspondence so don’t be rude when trying to contact the bogus companies, keep it professional.

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