Okaywear Clothing Reviews – Is It The Best Clothing Store For Men’s or Not?

Are you a businessman and want to look formal and elegant during business hours? Dresses play a great role in defining a person’s personality. In digital shopping, women’s attire-selling websites are more popular than men’s clothes and dresses. Only some websites have amazing dress varieties. Okaywear.com is one of the best markets for men to buy any outfit. They have a diverse variety of men’s clothes. They sell fashionable attire. After reading Okaywear clothing reviews, you’ll learn how trustworthy they are and the quality of their products.

Okaywear Clothing Reviews

About Okaywear

Okaywear.com is an e-commerce store for men’s outfits. They mainly sell three beautiful attire series, business, fashion, and leisure. Okaywear dresses are manufactured 60% by their designers. They claim that their name is due to the quality of their products and services.

Shenzhen Runbang E-commerce Co Limited operates this website. The owner’s address should be mentioned on the official website. Their shipment time is 3 to 28 days after order placement. You can enjoy free shipping if you order more than 89$. They promise 30 day to return or refund policy. They are currently shipping in 45 countries.

Okaywear Products

Okaywear.com sells the following outfits:

  • Business Style
  • Vacations Style
  • Casual Style.
  • Two pieces set(Vacation, business and casual)
  • Outerwear(Blazers,Men’s vest, overcoats, coats & Jackets, downs & Parkas)
  • Tops(shirts, t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts and Sweaters)
  • Denim
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes & Accessories

Okaywear Clothing Qualities

Why you should buy Okaywear dresses, following are the main qualities in their products that will force you to buy their dresses:

  • Professionally Designed: Okwear has its designers, so they put their entire effort into designing the clothes softly and beautifully. They design outfits by professional designers so customers look elegant while wearing these dresses.
  • Elegant and Gorgeous Look: Okaywear colour, pattern, and design selection contrast perfectly. That’s why, whenever a buyer wears it, it adds more value to their personality by making it elegant and gorgeous.
  • Diverse Variety: business people often like to have different outfits daily because it adds more confidence in their professional life. They have thousands of products, all with different designs and patterns. It is unique in terms of different styles and fashions.
  • Attracting Discounts: Okaywear offers many magnetic discounts. A dress with up to 60% off is no less than a blessing. Rarely, the clothing brands offer this type of discount. Adding more, the customer will enjoy free shipping on big orders. They have multiple discount offers depending on the different prices and order items.

Is Okaywear Clothing a legit website or scam?

Digitalisation is a hub of money, time, and information risk. With a little carelessness, your confidential information or money will be out of your control. That’s why you should be careful before buying anything from online stores. The same is the case with Okaywear.com. Before placing any order, you must check the integrity of Okaywear.com.

In checking the authenticity of Okaywear.com, we have to check its basic information. They have revealed the company name, but the address and company number should also be disclosed. Secondly, they have two social platforms. On Facebook, almost 9K followers have followed them. We observed very little engagement on the Facebook profile. But the Okaywear clothing reviews in the comment section demonstrate that they are genuine ones. Instagram also has more than 8K followers. On each post, a single-figured reaction is available.

No Okaywear clothing reviews are available on the official website, Trust Pilot and Scam Advisor. According to Scam Advisor, its trust score is only 1 out of 100. It is reportedly a scam. Okaywear has a low ranking on Alexa Rank, which is 3026900. This website is more than two years older. According to its age, it must have official reviews and a high trust score. Unfortunately, it has not achieved the required criteria.

What does the customer say about Okaywear Clothing?

Okaywear Clothing Reviews

Okaywear.com reviews are not on the Trust Score and Scam Advisor official website. There is no product or website rating. On the social media handles, there is a good response about Okaywear. For any legit online website, customer feedback must be available to new customers. These feedbacks describe the entire picture of the business market. But having no reviews means that they are scams.


  • Diverse varieties of outfits.
  • Beautiful and good quality clothes.
  • Up to 60% Off.
  • 30-day promising return policy.
  • The company owner’s name is mentioned.
  • Social meia profiesl craeted.


  • Low Alexa ranking.
  • Low website trust score.
  • Absence of owner address.
  • Low traffic, according to Tranco report.
  • Absence of customer testimonials.
  • Possibly scamming report on Scam Advisor.

Sum Up

Okaywear is a professional fashion and business selling marketplace for men. They display products like two pieces, trending styles, outerwear, tops, bottoms, and shoes. Their company has designers who design the clothes. They have shared the company name, but the address is not disclosed. The website trust score is very low, and Okaywear clothing reviews are completely absent on any platform. Its Alexa rank is lower, and website traffic could be more considerable.

We recommend that you stay away from this website. If you liked any outfit, research its authenticity before placing any order to save yourselves.

5 thoughts on “Okaywear Clothing Reviews – Is It The Best Clothing Store For Men’s or Not?”


    Your business is a scam. I want my money back.
    UNPS TRACKING #EP: 9305510944100867001180


  2. Places an order with Okaywear.com, order was shipped – the items were too small, can not get in contact with this company to exchange the items. Very differcult company to do business with. Stuck with cloths that can’r wear.

  3. I order a fancy jacket from OKAYWARE it took 4 weeks to arrive and look like a sleep PJ. return it but had to pay return shipping.
    Picture of item not as advertised.

  4. Terry Jackson

    Please do not buy from this company. I bought a hat that very nice on the site. I got my hat without a hat box and it was balled up in my mail box. The hat was ruined and unwearable.
    They gave me 1/2 my money back as a refund.
    And it was costume fake material.
    Stay away from this site.

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