Raad Shoes Reviews – Best Place To Buy Customized Shoes or Another Scam?

raad shoes reviews

Raad Shoes Reviews – Looking to buy some cool sneakers? Well, I came across a website called Raadshop. I was amazed to see beautiful sneakers along with their other collection of shoes. I was tempted to grab a few for myself as I couldn’t resist an amazing collection. Plus, the best thing about them is that they make custom-made printed shoes as well. How amazing!

I wasn’t sure whether to trust the website or not, so I thought of doing a little research and finding out about the authenticity of the brand. There was a section of Raad shoes reviews present on the website, and surprisingly, they were all too good. I was still a little suspicious even after reading those reviews, so I dug into some reviews and thoughts about this website on other platforms.

There have been so many ongoing scams that have been happening around lately. Even in my friend circle, there have been so many victims of these frauds. This thought made me investigate the website before giving in to my temptation.

About Raad Shoes

According to the website, this brand was launched in 2018. They’re based in Canada and offer a variety of custom-made shoes which include sneakers, converse, high-tops, low-tops, and boots. These shoes can be customized uniquely according to the customer’s choice. Make it funky, groovy, retro, festive, or fitness sneakers, it all depends upon your choice!

 According to them, they’ve over 111,000+ customers making them a success in the world of customized products. They have an enormous number of followers on their social media platforms as well. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

They have a tempting offer with a ‘BOGO promo’ of buy one get one free and a free delivery if you shop for over $150. I’ve been looking at the collection and its prices. The price range seems very reasonable as well.

The review section on the website is filled with over 2000+ reviews, all rated 5 stars, with positive feedback. Hmm.. Too good to be true, isn’t it?

Apart from shoes, Raadshop.com also deals in apparel, home décor items, and accessories. I’ll get into the details of more items later.  

I am still in search of authentic Raad shoes reviews!

Products of RaadShop.com

Okay, the website is not just about shoes, but what I’ve seen is that it is popular because of its shoe collection and the variety of options they’re providing in this regard.

 So, what more do we have in store for us? 

The brand deals with accessories, apparel, and home decor items. You can get customized masks, string bags, bedding, wall tapestries, hooded blankets, blankets, hoodie dresses, and face shields. I’ve got to say, they have a wide range of amazing collections!

When it comes to shoes, you can get customized sneakers, converse, high-tops, low-tops, and boots. I really wanted to buy those classic boots, but I had to hold my horse before researching the real ‘Raad shoes reviews’.

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Pros & Cons

 Coming towards the Pros and Cons of the brand, I will briefly enlist them.


  • A vast variety of customized products.
  • Comprehensive sizing chart.
  • Review section available.
  • Contact details available.


  • Too good to be a true review section.
  • The address is not mentioned on the website.

Customer Reviews

As I mentioned earlier, my goal was to find authentic Raad shoes reviews, and I hadn’t been much successful, or rather I was suspicious upon reading the ‘too good to be true’ reviews on their website.

So, I turned to their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms for reviews. So, after a lot of hustling, I wasn’t wrong after all! The website and the brand were indeed doubtful, possibly scamming people.

On YouTube and Facebook, many people reviewed their products, some were satisfied with the product justifying the fact that they were expecting such quality at that price. Some didn’t like the quality and printing at all, and the finishing of the shoes was not neat and clean. The shipment was also delivered very late to many. Some orders were not confirmed by the website even after weeks of placing them. It appeared their customer service wasn’t up to the mark. This was contrary to the review section on their website!

Another thing that was not true to their claim was that they were based in Canada. Many people stated that upon inquiring about the status of their order, they said that the product is being shipped from China. Many people find it deceiving as the brand had mentioned that they’re being operated from Canada. This also somehow proves the fact that they’re sending ‘not so great’ quality shoes. My two cents on this, the brand should at least be transparent about its production, manufacturing, and origin. This is indeed deceiving.

As I was saying, there were some positive reviews as well, the brand did send some good quality shoes to several people. Mainly people were satisfied with what they were getting for such a price that too with an offer of ‘buy one get one free’. Fair Enough!

Is Raad Shoes Website Legit or Scam?

So, is the website legit or not? Judging by the Raad shoes reviews, one can have uncertain thoughts. On one hand, you see some positive reviews but then you also see negative feedback regarding the quality of the products and poor customer care. It is like trying your luck, whether you’ll get a good quality or bad quality product.

Some more facts make it a dubious brand. The domain age of the website is unavailable, and the spam score of the website is somewhat okay too, not too high.

On their website, they have not mentioned their address. They’ve however mentioned that they’re being operated from Canada when in reality they send products made in China. Now, this would be highly unethical as they’re not mentioning their authentic whereabouts.

 The only good reviews you can find are mostly on their website which of course are mostly fabricated. And, with that, I conclude my research, hence, my temptations are over!


All in all, I would say before you jump into buying from this brand, please go through a thorough review. If you feel satisfied with the products and their reviews, only then invest your money. Never rely solely on the reviews present on a website, look for other social platforms as well. I have stated facts based on my research on the brand. I would not recommend buying from it. However, if you still think it’s worth the money, then go ahead.
or I could simply say, try your luck with this brand!

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