Softsfeel Shoes Reviews – Best Shoes For Comfort & Style, Pain-Free Walking, Perfect Alignment, And Full-Body Comfort

Softsfeel Shoes Reviews – In this fast and tech-savvy universe, everyone is busy and does not have much time for visiting the market. Online shopping is a hot trend nowadays are people are going bananas for it. The rise in the eCommerce industry has changed the mindset of the entire world and more people are interested in online shopping and startups. Imagine shopping for your favorite articles without stepping out of the home. You do not have to go out shopping after a long hectic day at work.

There are tons of sellers and startups active on the internet that are serving millions of individuals with their quality services. You can find millions of products of varying domains that are accessible with great quality and stuff. People got confused often and waste their money on different startups.

Do not worry we have got your back. Starting from, a top-notch startup with a wide range of running footwear for both men and women is ready to serve you with quality products. The shoes are top-quality and you can select your favorite shoes with the size chart available on the website. Grab your favorite article and enjoy shopping with Is Softsfeel a Scam? Read this reviews article to know all the details about softsfeel shoes brand.

softsfeel shoes reviews

What is

Softsfeel is an online running shoe store that has premium quality shoes for both men and women. They have top-quality manufacturers that are providing high-class products for everyone on their website. The latest trims and shades will leave you in awe and you can not resist shopping. The shoes are affordable and you can get them without disturbing your budget. Moreover, occasional discounted deals are also there for everyone to save money on buying their favorite shoes. Just go to and get your dream shoes at a discounted price and upgrade your collection.

Does Softsfeel Brand Offer Something Else?

No, softsfeel is not providing anything except running shoes. is a dream place for all shoe lovers around the globe. They assist thousands of customers every day with quality and seamless service. For customer ease, they added a standard-size chart on the website to avoid unwanted returns and cancellations. Moreover, you can track your order by putting the tracking id on the website.

Specifications of

  • Brand Name: Softsfeel
  • Website:
  • Gender: Running shoes for both Men and Women are available on the website.
  • Variety: Lightweight unisex running shoes
  • Material Quality: Premium Quality Shoes
  • Sort of Merchandise: Varies from shoes to shoes
  • Domain Registration: 11th May 2022
  • Color Choices: Different Colors and Shapes are Available
  • Average Price: $39.00
  • Return Policy: To return a package, please call customer service to get the return address within 14 days.
  • Shipping Policy: It takes 10-30 working days to reach the shipment at your doorstep.

Features of Softsfeel Shoes

  • Absorbs Impacts Like A Sponge: Impacts from your feet are absorbed by the hyper-elastic honeycomb cushioning soles.
  • Full Body Alignment: Your entire body is aligned with the Arch Support insole. preventing knee, hip, and ankle discomfort for you.
  • For Feet of All Shapes and Sizes: with a deep, cushioned toe box. Bunions or wide feet can use Cloudfeell up to size E.
  • Stretchy & Breathable: Stretchy breathable mesh keeps your feet cool and dry so you never get hot or sweaty.
  • Easy To Slide On: There’s no need to stoop. Slide them on and protect your back.
  • Non-Slip Grippy Soles: You are protected from slipping from any surfaces with non-slip gripping soles.

Types of Shoes Available at

  1. Softsfeel Relieve Foot Pain Perfect Cushioning Walking Shoes
  2. Softsfeel Technology Air Cushion Super Soft Shoes
  3. Vigorous Flame
  4. Softsfeel Perfect Walk Off the Pain Wide Shoes

Top Viral Articles of Softsfeel Shoes

Softsfeel Women’s Relieve Foot Pain Perfect Walking Shoes

softsfeel shoes reviews

The ideal fusion of stylish design, comfort, and total ankle support for daily walks. The Softsfeel Perfect Walking Shoes are designed with breathable knitted mesh and our trademark honeycomb soles, which wrap your feet gently and ideally for daily runs with the best shock absorption soles.

  • Ultra-Breathable Mesh
  • Excellent Pattern Traction
  • Improved Overall Foot Support
  • The Ultimate Shock Absorption Soles Made For Running
  • Fun colors to choose
  • Upper material: Mesh fabric
  • Outsole material: MD Rubber Sole

Softsfeel Men’s Relieve Foot Pain Perfect Walking Shoes

softsfeel shoes reviews

The perfect balance of stylish comfort, excellent foot support, and relaxing comfort for daily long runs. Made with breathable knitted mesh and our distinctive honeycomb soles, Softsfeel Perfect Walking Shoes cover your feet in style and comfort for regular runs.

  • Ultra-Breathable Mesh: Its upper is made of breathable mesh, which gives your feet both comfort and durability. Because of how efficiently it ventilates, your feet may stay dry and clean all day. It doesn’t rub your feet either. Never again have to be concerned about cramping or blisters.
  • The Ultimate Shock Absorption Soles Made For Running: When contacting the ground, the honeycomb soles on our shoes absorb some of the impacts. It acts as a cushion, releasing just enough energy to give your steps a little more bounce. Your feet and back will benefit since the soles will shield them from needless harm.
  • Improved Overall Foot Support: Additionally, it has strong laces that will keep your foot intact once you’ve tightened them and a separate tongue for simple slip-on and slip-off. Perfect heel padding and arch support to provide optimum weight distribution and posture.
  • Excellent Pattern Traction: The distinctive tread pattern on Softsfeel Perfect Walking Shoes provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. There is no risk of slipping.
  • Fun colors to choose: Walking should be fun, thus we offer up to 12 vibrant colors from which you may choose and match with your daily outfit.

Is Softsfeel Shoes A Legitimate Brand?

Yes, there is no doubt about the authenticity of softsfeel shoes. They are working tirelessly to provide you with the best running shoes at affordable prices. Their quality is unmatchable and people are trusting them with time and enjoy shopping with them. Although softsfeel is a newly launched startup they are doing well to gain the customer’s trust and stand out in the market with its services and quality products. We believe that if they will capture the market in near future with the quality, they are delivering to everyone around the world.

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How To Contact Them?

There is no contact number given on the official website. We did not find a real softsfeel contact number while searching on social media platforms. Although an email address is given on the official website to answer consumers’ inquiries. Also, the Live Chat option is available on their official website and Facebook page.

Pros & Cons


  • The interface of the website is user-friendly, for seamless surfing and shopping.
  • The website is offering free giveaways and instant discounts for signing up for their newsletter.
  • The best-running shoe website available for you on the internet.
  • The price range of the shoes is affordable and you can get the best shoes within your budget.
  • Promotional sales and discounted offers are available for every customer.
  • Real buyers’ softsfeel shoes reviews are available on their Facebook page.
  • Social media handles are available for everyone to explore and follow the latest collection of running shoes.
  • A wide range of striking colours and trims are available for both men and women.
  • The shipment will knock at your door within 14 to 30 working days.
  • You can easily cancel the order within 24 hrs and claim a full refund from the website.
  • The UK and USA size chart is available on the website to assist customers to select their accurate size.


  • The website is just 5 months old and needs time to build trust among the people with time.
  • People are building their trust with time so they will get slow support from the people.
  • The company did not have any contact number available on the website.
  • Too much delivery time is bad for their growth as people will lose interest in their products.

Softsfeel Shoes Reviews By Customers

We all know that it is hard for anyone to launch a startup and get an overwhelming response overnight. As it is hard for everyone to trust the newly launched startup. People are conscious of their time and money and they do not want unwanted issues at any cost. The company is working well and providing quality to everyone and they are successfully building trust in their customers. With this strategy and hard work, they will get loads of customer reviews that will help them to grow and rise.

While doing research on Softsfeel shoes reviews we found some customer reviews through their social media platform and they seem positive and encouraging.

Rick Doty Says on Facebook: “I love mine so comfortable.”

Jennifer Elaine Winchester Says: “I ordered a pair. If they keep my feet from hurting I’ll buy more.”

J Frank Nash Says: “Just purchased a pair of these sneakers, on the first test walk they are excellent. Definitely lives up to the advertising, which is rare nowadays.”

Staša Tomažin Says: “I’ve got mine in purple and they are so comfy, but I received them a bit too big.”

Mary Ann Burney Allen Says: “My new yellow shoes are SO comfortable. Now I did add orthotic insoles, but the normal size is nice and wide and comfy. Love them. Pretty sure they are going with me to Disney World and DEFINITELY to Georgia Tech football games.”


The is recently launched and serves its valued customers with dedication and hard work. Their quality is unmatchable and they are affordable as well. The social media team has to grow its presence on social media handles for creating brand awareness among the people. They should add their official phone number on the website to maintain their credibility. Moreover, they need to lessen their delivery time to impress their customers. We wish all the best to to grow and serve millions of shoe lovers around the globe.

7 thoughts on “Softsfeel Shoes Reviews – Best Shoes For Comfort & Style, Pain-Free Walking, Perfect Alignment, And Full-Body Comfort”

  1. I hope these shoes do as advertised. I have neuropathy in both my feet from Chemotherapy, and it has been hard to find shoes that are a me to let me feel my feet when walking in them.

  2. Claude Isabelle

    I bought a pair and i thought that the size was true to US sizes But that’s not the case the first time they sent the wrong size so gave me a discount code for 50% off another purchase so I purchased another pair and still to big and i tried a smaller size, so with that being said I don’t know how comfortable but if you order go 1 size smaller because they will be too big. so frustrating I knew I should not have bought shoes online ugh

  3. Clinton g young

    been over two weeks no shoes yet no shipping inf but they charged credit card right away wed like are shoes

  4. I ordered a few pairs of Facebook as I have diabetes. It’s been 3 + months. Get a tracking number and then they say delivered somewhere else. I know it don’t take that long to ship them. What a scam.

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