VivianHan Clothing Reviews – Unveiling The Truth About Women Dresses – Legit or Another Scam?

VivianHan Clothing Reviews

VivianHan Clothing Reviews – Do you want to add some loose-fitted and linen-made dresses to your wardrobe? Do you have to attend a party or event and want to impress the attendees with your gorgeous look? Clothes are the nonverbal communicators of your personality. That’s why people pay special attention to dress styles and patterns.

Vivian Han is a famous professional clothing brand that attracts viewers at first sight. They sell a variety of women’s dresses and clothes. They have some commitments to set the new trend in styles and fashion. We always force and recommend that customers buy online after assessing the clothes’ quality and the website’s legitimacy. For your convenience, we have done enough research about Vivianhan clothing and then written total, detailed Vivianhan clothing reviews.

About VivianHan Clothing

VivianHan is a clothing store owner and fashion designer for women’s outfits. They sell outerwear and innerwear products. They also sell stylish items like bags, swimwear, and other accessories. VivianHan provides the clothing items in more than 200 countries. They ship for free, too. They have a 30-day return policy. We have not found any information about their owner or location.

VivianHan Products

VivianHan can give you the following products:

  • Dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Bottoms
  • Cotton & Linen
  • Swimwear
  • Bags
  • Accessories

To find your desired item, you can see all the products individually.

VivianHan Clothing Features

Before making a purchase, it is always advised to know the uniqueness and features of the products so that you might find the correct item with the required specifications. After analysing all the products of Vivian Han, we have gathered the following information:

  • Digitally Designed Prints: It is always seen that women like to have some hunting prints. On the dresses, flowers and animal designs are digitally printed. These designs on Vivianhan’s clothing add a gorgeous and fancy look so that your personality grooms and looks impressive.
  • Versatility: Vivianhan believes that women always prefer to wear something different and unique on every occasion. That’s why they have their designers and want to be recognised as trendsetters. On their website, you will see that buyers have many options to try. Before you add the dress to the cart, it is advised that you go through the whole web page to avoid missing the new trendy dresses.
  • Colour Variations: Vivian Han’s clothes are variable in color. Even the colors and combinations chosen are lovable. If you’re confused about which should be bought, check the dresses separately and analyze their color scheme and pattern. It will facilitate your ability to assess the dress design, types, and color combinations.
  • Lightweight: Viviahan dresses look like they are heavy and difficult to carry. But if you buy them, this myth about Vivianhan clothes will end, as these dresses are not such heavyweights. These dresses are lightweight and easy to carry.

VivianHan Clothing Discounts

The availability of discounts in any shop increases customer traffic. Everyone wants to avail themselves of the best-selling deals so that they might save some money to spend on other things. offers you various deals. Applying the code ” Vivian ” will give you an extra 10% off on your first order by applying the code “Vivian”. If you buy the items in orders over 2, 3, and 5, you will get the price down by 5, 10, and 15%, respectively. With all these discounts, you’ll get free shipping if the order price increases by 79 dollars.

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Is A Legit Website or Not?

As we said earlier, you must check the integrity of the website. But what should be checked to determine the legal status of the website is a matter of concern. Some of the following important points are considered about

You must share the owner’s name and address with the buyers of the online shop. Unlike a legit website, Vivianhan has not shared essential information withofficial website. In this era, it is a must that you create social profiles and engage buyers. Vivianhan has only one Facebook account with a few followers. It is a red flag for Vivian Han’s veracity.

Customers on the official platforms. Their contact number is listed on the While observing TrustPilot, its report is not good, as no reviews are found on TrustPilot. According to the scam advisor, its trust score is the only one with adverse indications about Having made a more profound observation, Vivianhan’s domain age is only one month old, meaning it must have an existence age of more than one year. It is too young a website.

VivianHan Clothing Reviews From Buyers

Vivian Han Clothing

Vivianhan clothing reviews are absent on the official website. Again, it is a big flaw that they have not received any reviews yet. On the other hand, the Facebook page is also silent about the customer’s opinions about Vivianhan clothing. Assassin more on TrustPilot, Scam Advisor, and other reviewers; we are disappointed with what we have. They have not achieved any reviews on TrustPilot or Scam Advisor, either. Overall, its reviews and ratings are not good. Indirectly, it is not a good thing for Vivianhan.

Pros & Cons


  • The website’s outlook is professional.
  • Clothing varieties are versatile.
  • A Facebook account is created.


  • They have not shared the contact information or the owner’s identity.
  • The website’s trust score is low.
  • There was no customer feedback found.
  • Social media handles have only a few followers and zero engagement.

Final Words is a newly launched clothing brand as a supplier and manufacturer. They designed a new type of style and combination. Vivianhan have versatile dress styles and designs. They have shipments covered in more than 200 countries. Vivian Han gives you a 30-day return policy.
Vivianhan has not shared the owner’s identity with the customers. They have one Facebook account, which only a few followers have followed. The website trust score is deficient. Vivianhan clothing reviews are not found on any platform. The domain age is very young, so they are not trustworthy. Per our assessment and investigation, we recommend that they are not trustworthy. Please stay away from them.

2 thoughts on “VivianHan Clothing Reviews – Unveiling The Truth About Women Dresses – Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. Paula Robertson

    Don’t buy from this company. I cannot get in touch with anyone. I returned an item and the tracking number shows received and I haven’t received a refund. PayPal is no help. I’m reporting them to the BBB and putting it on facebolk to not buy from them.

  2. I bought 3 outfits from Vivian Han. Terrible quality and no where near correct sizes. I tried to return them but cannot find a return address for them. No luck sending multiple emails. Now the 30 day return policy is up and they said they cannot retur. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

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