Hesterbraun com Reviews – Legit Place To Buy Artificial Christmas Trees & Accessories or Another Scam?

Hesterbraun com ReviewsThe festivities are the most awaited events of the year. When it’s the festive holidays, people get more excited. Everyone is excited about the preparation, decoration, and celebration. Everyone is Thrilled about the decoration and preparations but can’t take time from their busy schedule even for themselves shopping or decoration shopping.

In this advanced era of the digital market, no one needs to worry everything is just one click away from you. If you don’t have time and want to decorate your house you can check different pages or websites to ensure that Aren’t these websites secure or not?

Many websites have different kinds of decorative items, and HesterBraun is one of them. HesterBraun is a website for online shopping of decorative material for festive, especially for Christmas.

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Online shopping is not so easy. First, you must check all the websites to check whether they are trustworthy. You can’t place an order until and unless you have no surety about the website. If you are a festive lover, especially of Christmas, and want to buy something from it you must have to read Hesterbraun com reviews for safety and surety. It will clear your mind and solve all your queries.

Hesterbraun com Reviews

Features of Hesterbraun com

Every website has its identity with the help of which that website grows. Same as other Hesterbraun.com has many features which are discussed below;

  • Email:                   info@Hesterbraun.com
  • URL                       http://Hesterbraun.com/
  • Contact Number  +1415-413-86262
  • Shipping Policy    No shipping fee
  • Payment options   Paypal is used commonly for payment.
  • Return Policy         After 30 days items will be returned.

Hesterbraun com Products

Hesterbraun.com sells a very unique quality of artificial Christmas items. These are the same items that are sold in stores.

Christmas Tree

  • Artificial fast from Christmas tree
  • Douglas Slim fir Artificial Christmas tree
  • 12’Royal Fir Slim Quick-shape tree unit
  • 12 King Flock slim quick shape Artificial Christmas unit
  • 9’ cypress spruce quick shape Artificial Christmas Tree
  • 7.5’ Queen flocked Slim artificial Christmas tree

Christmas Accessories

  • 48 king snow fur tree skirt
  • Natural 30 piece Glass ornament sets
  • 72 King Granite faux Fur tree skirt
  • 300 Warm white multi Color LED String light skirt
  • Santa Glass Ornaments
  • Pink-sprinkled Donut glass ornaments
  • Gift cards
  • White Essential Glass ornaments


  • 24” King Noble fir wreath with warm white LED
  • 24” Tribeca Spruce Blue Garland unit
  • 24” King Fraser Fir Wreath Unlit
  • 9’ 12” King flock Garland
  • Royal fir collection 4 pieces

Halloween Ornaments;

  • VINGALI Halloween decor
  • VINGALI 6ft Black Christmas tree
  • VINGALI Christmas lighted Gift boxes
  • Large outdoor Nativity scene weather
  • VINGALI 6 ‘feet Christmas decoration outdoor 
  • 6’feet inflatable snowman

Is Hesterbraun.com legit?

Hesterbraun Reviews

To determine whether a store is trustworthy or not it would help to consider many factors and all are mostly discussed in Hesterbraun.com reviews. Many factors help to determine whether or not. Here are a few of the points discussed below:

  • Date of registration: 21 Gregorian calendar month 2022
  • Expiry date:              21 Gregorian calendar month 2023   
  • Trust Score:              1 Chronicle
  • Policies:                     All policies are listed correctly.
  • Data Security:            Hesterbraun.com is protected by protocols.
  • Reviews:                     Hesterbraun com reviews are unavailable on the sites.
  • Traffic:                         The website does not have much traffic.

According to Alexa’s traffic rank, the traffic rank is 3,848,393 among millions of websites. The most essential website rank website based on traffic and pageviews. The site has less traffic if the rank is less than 500K, and more traffic by 500M by Alexa. If the rank is 0 it means there is no traffic on the websites.

Client Reviews

hesterbraun com reviews

The customer reviews which are present indicate that this website is not real Because what they ordered didn’t get the same product. Some clients have faced issues of low quality. It means that this website is a scam. Buyers from this website are not happy due to their product delivery 

Some of the customers say: “ I think this is a safe site for purchasing something decorative online due to payment being through a pal. After finding out this is a scam website, PayPal will not do anything”.


Does using PayPal guarantee safe shopping?

Nowadays where scams are so common in the digital world, PayPal is not a sign of surety. These scam online stores always make the habit of using fake tracking. The fake tracking number is inputted into the transaction account and this is the main reason for not charging back.

Things to be aware of when buying something fromHesterbraun.com

When you download something from a website, keep a few points in mind.

  • Not receiving your package
  • Receiving inferior Quality product
  • Hacked credit card

What to do after facing scammed?

Have you been scammed? Here is the solution to what to do after being scammed. File against them and contact your bank also request for new debit card. Document the Paypal transactions for future purposes.

As online stores have made life easier and simple when you order something from any website or any online page. Before ordering something from online stores don’t forget to check the following things ;

  • Website Age
  • A return address
  • Customers reviews
  • Social media presence

Everything a person uses has good or bad effects such as online websites and Hesterbraun com is one of them.

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  • The most beneficial or exciting thing about hesterbraun.com is free delivery.
  • Payment through Paypal 


  • The hesterbraun.com reviews are not available on their site.
  • The identity of the owner is not shown on the site.
  • The address on the website is fake.
  • Suspicious discounts.
  • No social media presence
  • No security 
  • Stolen Content 

Wrap Up

Hesterbraun com store doesn’t have any online presence nowadays which is unbelievable, especially for running the business. This hestterbraun.com review article should give an idea about the honesty of the store.

This store has a meager rating and by using Paypal they scam people who buy something from them. if you don’t find any reviews on the website, copy the address and search on google. Google Maps will help you out.

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