Belifi Shoes Reviews – Is It Legit or Another Fraudulent Web Store?

belifi shoes reviews

Belifi Shoes Reviews – Are you looking for shiny shoes in formal or casual form? Do you like wearing cushions like double-padded shoe soles? As you may be aware, shoes inherently define a person’s personality. Wearing soft shoes reflects your character’s softness without talking to anyone about yourself.

Shoes are a compulsory part of daily dressing. Then how can we ignore their importance? But buying formal, fancy shoes is a challenging task. But online shopping has made it easy. You know, many websites sell shoes online. Belifi Shoes is one of them, and they have beautiful and fancy shoes for sale.

But before placing an order on, please read the Belifi shoes reviews to ensure their authenticity.

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Belifi is managed by Firsple Limited, situated in Canada. They have multiple years of experience in selling. They are conscious of the smartness and stylish design of customers’ choices. Certain varieties are available that are comfortable to wear.

Many types of footwear have been made from recycled materials. They have formal, casual, or matching boots and sandals. They ship worldwide. Belifi has discount offers as well. If your desired shoes are for running or cycling, then Belifi products are available at very affordable prices.

Specifications of Belifi Shoes

Let’s go through all the fantastic details of the products offered by Belifi Shoes.

  • These shoes are elegant, comfortable, and flexible.
  • They support the arch. This helps in effectively spreading your body weight across each foot.
  • Fit and comfort are greatly improved by the presence of nanofoam.
  • The sizes correlate to street shoe sizes.
  • They are really light and give you a sense of freedom.

Belifi Shoes Products has a lot of shoe collections, but you can also ask them to make a design just for you. The main categories of Belifi Shoes are:

  • Wide Width Shoes
  • Wide Diabetic Shoes
  • Wide Adjusting Soft
  • Belifi Rhinestone Shoes
  • Shining Rhinestone Platform/Slip
  • Woman Leather Shoes
  • Square Flat Toe
  • Pointed Toe Bow
  • Easycare
  • Premium Orthopaedic Shoes
  • Hollow Flat
  • Soft Surface Formal Shoes
  • Light walk
  • Breathable Soft Sneakers
  • Lace Breathable Casual flat
  • Woman Outside sole sandals
  • Recycle
  • Elastic Band Woven shoe
  • Lace Pattern Elegant Sneakers

Is Belifi Shoes A Legitimate Online Store?

belifi shoes scam

If you have decided to order a shoe from, here is a question: are you sure that Belifi provides good-quality products? Or do they deliver the shoes? If you still need to do the research, then be careful because online scams are common. So, consider the following points about an online shopping store’s legitimacy:

  • Research the Website: if you are visiting a new website, you never opened before. Then you must do some online research to gather the basic information about that website.
  • Check Website URLs on Various Scam Detectors: if the website looks professional and legal. You must pass via different scam-detecting tools. They will show you the specific website trust score.
  • Social Media Presence: for further assurance, search on multiple social platforms to see whether they have official or review pages. If present, then sees how much the audience is engaged with it.
  • Payment Method: it is necessary to know that the website you are ordering something accepts payments via credit cards/debit cards or Paypal etc. then you are secure. But if you are asked to pay via wireless transfers like bitcoin, etc then consider this website a scam.
  • Owner Contact: Whether it is online or offline shopping, you must know the fundamental information about the business owner, including address, contact number, or company number.

After applying the above sections to Belifi, it shows that this is a fraudulent website. Belifi’s trust score is 47, which is below average. They do have social media presence on Facebook. They have a green signal of accepting payments via visa/master cards, Paypal, etc.

Belifi Shoes Reviews By Customers

As you know, reviews of a brand on online business platforms have a lot to do with how important a site is. For a business, it increases the number of customers and, indirectly, the revenue. But for new visitors, it is the actual interface of a brand’s services delivered to clients.

Belifi has 59% five-star ratings and 29% one-star ratings. After reviewing the product reviews on the official site, it was determined that positive reviews outnumbered negatives. This is a good thing about this brand. Visit this e-commerce site and read the Belifi shoes reviews for added assurance.

While doing research on Belifi Shoes we found out that this shoe brand is registered on TrustPilot and some customers reviewed this brand as well. Some of the customer reviews are also displayed below.

Raelynn Lane Says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE – really comfortable for all-day walking, slip-on, machine washable up to three times without losing its shape, and true to size. I wear  ( Size 8), and these are a perfect fit.

Marie O’Connell Says:

Although it seemed like forever, these shoes are quite comfortable. One of my favorite pairs of shoes, possibly ever!

Cleaver Abriel Says:

Belifi states this in their record: “HASSLE-FREE RETURNS POLICY – You can easily return your product if you’re unhappy with it. It’s that easy. We provide simple returns and a 60-day return period. View our complete Returns Policy here “. This couldn’t be further from the truth because they either DON’T respond to your emails asking for the return address. Don’t make a purchase from this shady business.

Discount Offers at Belifi Shoes

You will receive an additional 10% off your first order. They mentioned the old prices as well as the new discounted prices. These prices are almost 50% off.

Pros & Cons


  • Graceful Shoes
  • Soft and Double padded Soles
  • Big Discount Offers
  • Durable and Affordable shoes
  • Social Media presence is available.


  • Low Trust Score
  • Few Negative reviews


What is the Belifi shipping policy?

Belifi has different shipping terms and conditions for the USA and other countries. It takes 7–10 business days to deliver an item in the United States. But in other countries, Belifi takes 10–25 shipping days. days of processing are excluded. They don’t charge anything for orders over $59.99. The client must pay $5.99 for the order amount.

Can I return the damaged products on

Like other brands, Belifi also considers the comfort of its customers. They have a 60-day return policy, which is exceptional. You can contact them via email and send them information about damaged products, including images.

Do they accept custom orders?

Yes surely. You can tell what size, color, design, etc. you want when you place an order. They will manufacture your item and deliver it to you.

How To Contact Belifi shoe Brand?

If you want to contact them, there is a contact number mentioned on their official website which is +86 13306810786. The given contact number is also FAKE and shady and therefore can be trusted. An Email Address is also mentioned on the official website to answer customer inquiries.

Where is Belifi Shoes Located?

According to the official website, the company address is RM1402. 14/F BLDG D, Wanda Plaza, Hangxing Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, CN. But when checking out this address on Google Search and Maps we found out that this address is FAKE and is also used by some other brands which are suspicious and shady. To authenticate this claim we made see the below picture we attached as well.

where is belifi shoes located

Wrap Up (Belifi Shoes Reviews) is a digital shoe store that has a beautiful collection of shoes. Belifi has different categories of shoes. The shoes are for walking, gym, formal, casual, etc. You may also order them customized.

Belifi has a low trust score and is not trustworthy. Even though their contact information is shared, there are too many red flags to trust it. Belifi has no social media handles. Customers have given them positive feedback on their shoes. We only suggest you do more deep research to find out the exact role of this website.

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