Kunanly Shop Reviews – Does It Offer Quality Clothing Items or Another Online Scam?

Kunanly Shop Reviews – Do you want to buy hot apparel for the winter season, adding beauty to your appearance? Are you going to go shopping on kunanly.com? Are you searching for the status of kunanly.com? If your answer is yes, you are on the right blog post, as we have provided a complete overview of kunanly.com to help protect you from potential malware websites.

Kunanly.com is a fantastic Web store for trending apparel for men. They sell the products which are trending in the season. Their prominent uniqueness is that they have a collection of multiple varieties like jackets, shirts, long-sleeved shirts, outerwear, bottoms, etc. Let us look at the next section of Kunanly Com reviews, in which you will learn the genuine status of Kunanly.com.

Kunanly Shop Reviews

About Kunanly.com

Kunanly.com is a professional store that retails clothing products online worldwide. Their retail products include apparel, shoe accessories, bottoms, vests, tops, Polo shirts, CATGO shirts, denim shirts, summer clothes shirts, jackets, jumpers and other women’s items such as well as. 

In the men’s category, they deliver handmade products and leather ingredients. As discussed earlier, an Internet shopping store retails clothing items and accessories. In these online and internet web stores, you should confirm a few points before you go for shopping objectives on that website.

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Is Kunanly Shop a legit website or another scam?

Kunanly Shop Reviews

Internet-based business stores have a lot of benefits along with some disadvantages as well. In online business stores, scammers may target you or leak your data. That’s why you need to take precautions In the mentioned case, we have researched whether its status is genuine.

  • Domain Age: Kunanly.com’s unique domain name for the website was registered on the internet only a few weeks ago. A domain with a New database and fresh registration is often considered suspicious. The website work was registered on 10th February 2023 and will expire on 10th February 2024. If there are more negative reports, then there might be chances that this website will disappear.
  • Business Address Absence: all professional websites always publish their business addresses to make them convenient for the clients. Kunanly.com still needs to share the business address or owner’s details with customers on the official website. But on whois.com, their domain registration address is in China, which makes it more suspicious.
  • Active Social Media Profiles: active social media presence builds more trust in clients to make attention towards that brand or business store. But unluckily, we didn’t find any social media accounts for Kunanly.com. They need to create it.
  • TrustScore: we can analyse any website’s trust score on many professional extensions. However, most of the customers rely on scam advisors. According to the Scam Advisor report, kunanly.com has only one trust score, which means they are not genuine.
  • TrustPilot Report: Trust Pilot is a fantastic tool for checking website reviews from external parties. There is again a Red flag on Kunanly.com as there are no Kunanly.com reviews on trust pilots. 
  • Orders Delivery: after a composed analysis, we learned that they don’t deliver products at all or humanly ship inferior products that have nothing to do with its application. It is the primary habit of coming to web stores. Receiving poor-quality products is the ultimate loss of your data and money.
  • Fake Content: Online forgeries like Kunanly.com could not contain the physical products shown in their listings. Therefore, they may use computer-generated imagery or steal images from legitimate websites. Take a handful of the website’s image URLs and run them via Tineye or Duplichecker to verify the legitimacy of an online shop. With these apps, you can see whether the photographs have been used elsewhere online, which might indicate that the retailer is attempting to fool you.

Kunanly Shop Reviews By Clients 

Kunanly Shop Reviews

Customers can give feedback on online portals, and it is often helpful for new customers to benefit from these reviews in deciding whether they should buy. If a new customer sees negative feedback published, they will instantly leave the site, and the same goes for positive feedback. The official website of Kunanly.com does not publish any Kunanly shop reviews, whether negative or positive.

As we told you earlier, they don’t have any active social media profiles, so they have lost other portals for Kunanly shop reviews. Even on the extensions like scam advisor trust pilot, etc, we didn’t see any Kunanly shop reviews. 


  • Kunanly.com has a variety of different clothes collections.
  • Kundli has a professional overview of the sites.
  • The website domain has a valid SSL certificate, and the https is secure.
  • They have valid policy statements.


  • Kunanly.com has a deficient trust score on scam advisors. 
  • There are many Negative Kunanly shop reviews published on the internet.
  • The website needs to be more young, which creates more trust issues. 
  • This website needs to be better recognised because very few visit it.
  • The website’s domain registration location is suspicious.
  • Many security engine websites have blocked this website. 
  • They have posted fake content on the official website.
  • Kunanly has not created any social media accounts.
  • They must share the business owner’s name and identity.

Final Words

Kunanly Shop Reviews

Kunanly.com is an online retailer of clothing and shoe accessories. They sell various types of outerwear and trending apparel. This website has not oblique its business owner’s identity to the buyers, who have yet to create professional active social media accounts. Someone registered the website only a few months ago. The website’s domain is secure, but the content published is fake. Kunanly.com has low trust score. No platform has found Kunanly shop reviews. The traffic on the website could be more manageable.

After assessing the negative and positive points of the website, we conclude that someone created Kunanly.com as a fake website to deceive customers.

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