MetroWestwood Clothing Reviews – Is This Online Store Perfect Choice For Women’s Clothing?

MetroWestwood Clothing Reviews – After receiving your first paycheck, do you intend to use it to conduct some online shopping? You’ve worked hard for your money, so where would you rather hide it? We get that everybody would prefer to save their money for the rest of the month on some websites with beautiful pictures and fantastic deals. But do you have any ideas for reducing internet waste? I don’t understand how that could happen. Numerous websites selling goods and services online provide steep discounts. In addition, the price of a single item on one website is less than the price of the same thing on another website. Do you feel safe trusting them? The dress looks like something you want to buy, so how do the dresses look? Here, it’s best to check out what previous customers had to say about their experience.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Metrowestwood clothing reviews. It’s the only online store specifically catering to female customers. There is a wide selection of dresses, sweaters, tops, pajamas, skirts, jeans, and more. During the fall and winter seasons, you can shop at this label’s exclusive holiday shop.
This article will conduct a more in-depth analysis of the aforementioned web resource. Do we have access to real images? The products they sell are quite high quality. Is international shipping available?

metrowestwood clothing reviews

About Metrowestwood Brand

The 2019-founded B2C online fashion retailer ships worldwide. Recently, Metrowestwood has expanded internationally at a breakneck pace, gaining popularity and trust among buyers in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Please email if you have any inquiries about your order or purchase.

Here at, they pride enthusiasm for what they do: they love fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. Metrowestwood loves assisting its customers in finding exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s an outfit for a formal event or just a cozy sweatshirt, and they love giving customers access to beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments without breaking the bank.

To ensure that every outfit metrowestood sells meets the strict standards of the Metrowestwood brand, their team of buyers selects each item individually. Seriously, what does that entail? This means that everything the wearer puts on her body, from earrings to a coat, should make her feel confident and beautiful.

MetroWestwood Clothing Products

Metrowestwood has a wide range of outfits. They have different types of designs and colors of jeans, skirts, tops, bottoms, sweaters, and coats. They also have great discount offers for their customers. Below is a list of the products they sell, and you can check them out before you make a purchase, and after that, you can decide whether you should purchase this stuff or not. MetroWestwood understands the need for the female latest trends and prefers women’s fashion sense. Below is a list of products they sell online:


In the top category, Metrowestwood sells online stuff like coats and jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and tees. These are products that range from very low prices to high prices, but high prices are also affordable as related to product quality. All top products have multiple color designs and fashionable materials included.


In bottom outfits, you will get jeans, pants, and skirts in the color and design of your choice. You can see a lot of options to choose from before placing an order. In this stuff, many varieties of different colors and designs are available to you.


Metrowestwood has dresses in stock for all events. You can purchase dresses for casual or formal fashion parties, meetings, or any other event or occasion like that. They have all types of dresses, also with discounts. They also have dresses in all sizes, as well as maxi dresses.

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Top Selling MetroWestwood Items

Fringed Irregular Skirt

metrowestwood clothing reviews

You need look no further than this if you want a regular fit, casual skirt! Your closet will receive an immediate style lift thanks to this beautiful MetroWestwood Fringed Irregular Skirt.

  • Length: Normal
  • Mixture: a cotton blend
  • High waisted skirt
  • Regular fit for the skirt
  • Style: irregular

Fringed Irregular High Waist Skirt

metrowestwood clothing reviews

This season, stay fashionable with this new gorgeous, standard fit tutu. I think this item will become a new favourite in your closet and seem to be especially fond of the fabric’s solid tone.

  • Knee-length in length
  • Mixture: a cotton blend
  • High waisted skirt
  • Regular fit for the skirt
  • Fashion: casual attire


  • They claim to provide outstanding quality for reasonable pricing.
  • You get free gift on orders over $59
  • Active social media presence.
  • Secure payment modules.
  • Newsletter service is available.


  • The site is new.
  • Does not provide phone call service.
  • Without first getting in touch with the customer service, returns will not be accepted.


Is it a reasonably priced brand?

Compared to other brands, MetroWestwood would have reasonable and affordable prices for all the items. They also offer discounts on certain items.

What sizes are available?

You can get sizes from small to XXL from this shop. Consequently, it addresses plus sizes.

Are they offering free shipping?

Yes, they do. But you can only get free shipping if you order items with more than $99. However, for amounts less than $99, you must pay amounts determined by Metrowestwood. But for orders less than $99, you have to pay $7.50 to $12.50 for shipping. If your order is less than 99 dollars, you will be charged, but if you want expedited shipping, you will be charged $13 extra.

After how many days will I receive the order?

Without including the processing time of 1–5 days, Metrowestwood delivers the products in 5 to 8 days depending on your location. For quick delivery, you have to pay extra charges.

Do they provide both an Exchange and a Refund?

Yes, they do accept returns and refunds. To avail of the refund, you must contact the support team by email within 30 days after receipt of the package.

How can you reach them?

You can contact the metrowestwood help desk via email, Instagram, or Facebook. Email:

Metrowestwood Clothing Reviews by Customers

It is authentic thing that in online shopping, customer reviews are a significant element in boosting the confidence of customers and the revenue of a business store. But as we see on social media platforms and the official website of, there are no reviews found of any customers for the quality, quantity, or services of the products of As you found no Metrowestwood clothing reviews by any customers, it’s not a good sign for the business store’s new customers.

Is MetroWestwood Clothing a Legitimate Brand?

This is the most curious concern of all online buyers. They want to be sure about the online website, whether it is real or fake, before placing any order. A lot of tools and websites are available to check out, but we are here to help you. On, the website shows only an 8% trust score, which is very very low. All those websites have shared that they have three years of experience in online business, but by checking on different websites and tools, we are not able to find any authentic and credible clues to label it as a legitimate online store. For your safety, we recommend that you do more research on Metrowestwood clothing reviews. Check out the tips below to help you decide for yourself whether MetroWestwood Brand is legitimate or NOT.

  • Payment with secure and simple methods.
  • They have been in operation for approximately a year as of the creation of the website domain on 2021-12-02.
  • The Trust score is only 8% which is alarming.
  • Metrowestwood Reviews are frequently active on well-known social media sites including Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, it has 2.9K likes.
  • Mixed customer reviews.
  • There is a huge selection of women’s apparel available with the most recent fashions.

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Wrap Up (Metrowestwood Clothing Reviews)

Metrowestwood clothing reviews are generally a bit contradictory. While some people are content with their purchases, others are not. Despite the fact that many buyers seem satisfied with the quality of the apparel from them, some have expressed dissatisfaction, claiming signs of wear and tear soon after purchase.

Their reputation for providing poor customer service is another issue. However, they provide exceptional discounts. A majority of buyers concur that Metrowestwood has a wide selection of affordable, accessible apparel.

It might be worth the risk to check out their stylish clothing because of how reasonably priced they are. Just be cautious if you need to send something back!

6 thoughts on “MetroWestwood Clothing Reviews – Is This Online Store Perfect Choice For Women’s Clothing?”

  1. I would not order from here I had over hundred dolllar purchase from here. I needed one item to go back because was to small. Customer service suggested I get a bigger size and pay for shipping. Told them I would love to but that was biggest size they had. Said only way to return is to ship it to China. In which they have a USA address said that was like a sister company. So pretty much they don’t take returns. These are China sizes so make sure before buy you don’t care to keep cause they don’t return unless you ship it to China.

  2. Tina Ewen Simmons

    I made an order from Metrowestwood and it came today. I want to start by saying the customer service is excellent. They reply within one day to any questions. The shipping time is not that bad either.
    As far as the quality and fit. The dresses and boots I ordered are good quality materials. I ordered a medium and they fit perfectly. I did not size up. In fact one dress was a little lose but it looks very nice. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat! I love the clothes. My shipping was free and I received free gifts.
    Some online shops. Especially in China you have to watch but they are not one of them. Honest and fair

  3. Definitely DO NOT order from this website. The clothes are very cheaply made and look nothing like the picture. They do not provide prepaid return shipping label and it is very expensive to return back to China.

  4. Do not order from the company.
    I ordered something fir Christmas on 11-3
    2 months ago and still have not received.

    They keep saying that are sending!!!!

  5. DO Not ORder… I ordered a cute jacket when it arrived it was nothing at all like the picture they offered a 30% discount or return the jacket for over $50 shipping NOT but I just wanted my money back had to dispute thru PayPal but I won. I AMMSTILL AWAITING ONE MORE ITEM ORDER WAS PLACED NOV 14… not here but coming?. So much for quick shipping

  6. On October 26, I ordered a shirt that was highly advertised on their FB page. When it didn’t come in by the end of November, I repeatedly asked for a refund. They hemmed and hawed for well over a month, and I finally had to open a dispute through PayPal. The item came in today, January 12! Unless you’re fine waiting for well over two months for you order, steer clear of this company.

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