Nnesi Clothing Reviews – Is Nnesi.com Legit? Or Another Scam Store for Women’s Clothing

nnesi clothing reviews

Nnesi Clothing Reviews – Women tend to be picky when it comes to what they wear. When it comes to their formal wear, they simply cannot rely on any old tor. But most of you have been preoccupied with just two things: cost and period imagery. The price or product photos can be the deciding factor in a purchase. To be sure, this is not a recommended action.

Therefore, shopping for clothes online is a complicated process. Getting something in the wrong color or style can cause a lot of trouble. Buyers have the most trouble with sizing issues. Users can tell the quality of the clothing from the pictures. Therefore, in such cases, it is never a good idea to shop online. However, many websites guarantee their customers that they will receive high-quality products at reasonable prices. However, this should not make you feel safe. Nnesi is an e-commerce website, and today we’ll be sharing Nnesi clothing reviews for your convenience.

Nnesi is a website dedicated solely to selling clothes for women. Tanks, camis, and sweaters, as well as separate sections for spring/summer and fall/winter, are all covered. In a nutshell, it caters to all modern woman’s fashion requirements.

About Nnesi Clothing

Dressing is important to women. They can’t trust just anyone with their evening outfits. However, most of you have focused on money and time-related images. Sometimes the clothes’ images or price make you buy them. However, it’s wrong.

Nnesi.com sells women’s clothing online in the US. Today’s women’s fashion needs are covered by them. They understand housewives and working women’s demands. It’s hard to stay active and stylish. However, Nnesi clothes simplify their lives. This portal sells cami tops and dresses. If you want one-color tees and pants, why not buy them from their twinset collection?

Their talent teams were fashion suppliers and makers before Nnesi. They’ve said they can’t say their brand’s name. For ten years, millions of ladies have worn our dresses. We’re proud to see their ages on social media and their smiles.

Women’s clothing is sold solely on Nnesi. It sells tanks, cami tops, sweaters, and spring/summer and fall/winter clothes for ladies. Thus, it meets all women’s fashion needs.


  • Affordable Prices
  • Valid HTTPS & SSL certificates.
  • Social Media Presence is available.
  • A wide range of clothing is available.
  • Positive Nnesi clothing reviews.


  • Fake contact number & address.
  • The company’s owner’s name is not disclosed.

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Nnesi Clothing Collection

Stylish women of today can find a great selection of clothing and accessories at this online boutique. The nicest part about this company is that they ship their goods all over the world. Consequently, customers from wherever can purchase these items.

Sweater and Cardigan

The sweater and cardigan are kept in different closets. A variety of apparel options are available with attractive patterns and vivid hues. You should expect to pay between $40 and $50 for this material. Currently, all of their wares are discounted.


The selection of dresses available on this website is fantastic. Dresses of all lengths, from minis to maxis, are available here. Beautiful and interesting patterns adorn this garment, which can enhance your appearance.


There is a dedicated twinset department, which you won’t find at most online retailers. Which store sells the best blouse to go with the ideal pair of pants? The blend of 60% cotton and 40% elastane in their products makes them extremely soft and stretchy.

Is Nnesi Clothing Legit Brand?

Nnesi reviews

Consider the following guidelines to evaluate the credibility of Nnesi Clothing brand:

  • Valid and safe payment options.
  • It is active on the reputable and well-known social media sites Facebook and Instagram. On Nnesi Facebook page, there are 2.4k likes.
  • The majority of customer feedback is reliable and helpful.
  • A wide variety of items are offered to you at the most competitive prices.
  • The trust score of this website is a bit scary which is only 31%.

FAQs Nnesi Clothing Reviews

Where is Nnesi Located?

On the official website, the address given is XBP International LTD, 145-157 ST. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW. The contact number listed is +447482875871 and to be honest, I think the address and contact number are fake.

Is this a brand that is within my price range?

Nnesi prices may seem expensive in comparison to those of other retailers, however, there are some products that are actually overpriced.

Which dimensions are available?

Buying from this shop, you can choose from a huge selection of sizes, from x-small to x-extremely-large. As a result, it’s about people who are plus-sized.

Do you know if shipping is free?

Yes, if you spend above US $79, shipping is on the house.

Do you know if there is a price cut on the products?

In fact, they are now running a promotion on their online store. Additionally, new customers can save 10% on their initial order. The right bargain is up to 40% off plus 10% off.

Do they have a return/exchange policy?

They do, but cash-on-delivery orders are final and cannot be returned or refunded.

In which way can I get in touch with them?

Feel free to send an email here at service@nnesi.com asking any questions you might have.

Where can I find a size chart, if any, at this store?

There is a size chart available to assist you to get the proper fit for your dress purchase. check out the size chart here.

What is the Customer’s feedback on the quality and services of this Nnesi.com?

One study found that even just five reviews increased sales by 270% compared to when there were none. There is a 270% increase in sales for products with five reviews compared to products with no reviews. Reviews posted online to play a significant role in the final stages of the sales funnel.

Fortunately, when we scroll the websites, we were able to find out that there is a number of reviews on their products which is a good sign for this online digital store.

Most of the Nnesi clothing reviews by customers were positive. It seems that they have a good reputation and good quality and services for its customer so that no one can submit a complaint against them. When the customer is happy with the ordered product, he will give feedback on the store, increasing and boosting your revenue. Ultimately the customer reviews about Nnesi clothing are the virtual advertising role.

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Final Submission

After a complete analysis of the Nnesi clothing we can indeed say that you can purchase them as they are genuine in their quality and services they deliver the products on time and as per expected or placement of order. Assurance you can read more clothing reviews so that you will be delighted.

There are a number of tools that analyze the credibility and guarantee of the online store so that it may not contain any virus or something fraudulent.

5 thoughts on “Nnesi Clothing Reviews – Is Nnesi.com Legit? Or Another Scam Store for Women’s Clothing”

  1. Nnesi is a scam as far as I am concerned. Placed an order and it shows up on my credit card as a company in Hong Kong. I tried to cancel immediately, but there is no way to do this. They say one should visit service@nnesi.com to cancel, but this doesn’t work!! They don’t have a phone number or email. Be very careful if you use this company.

  2. Sandra Sullivan

    Do not buy anything from this website. I bought six blouses, waited forever, tried to cancel because they took so long in arriving. Received them, not good quality, attempted to contact Customer Service. They replied: “What you want to return all six of them?” Yes, please tell me how to do this.

    Received a comment back about five or six days later…..”Will $62 satisfy you?”. No, I replied. I want the entire amount added to the credit card. I have them all boxed up and ready to send back. They replied….”Sorry, it would cost too much to send them back to the factory in Dubai……how about $92? No, I want the entire amount I don’t want to bargain with you. This is unacceptable and not the way it is done in the US.

    Listen Friends, do you really want to follow in my footsteps and buy cheap clothing from a factory in Dubai and have no recourse but to keep it or get a fraction of what you paid for it recovered? THIS IS A SCARM! THERE IS NO RETURN POLICY ON A PRODUCT. THIS IS NOT HOW WE DO THINGS IN AMERICA. THIS IS A SCAM…DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IN MONEY DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BARGIN WITH YOU OVER SOME ARTICLE OF CLOTHING YOU DON’T WANT OR NEED.



  3. Jessie new Yang

    It takes forever for the order to arrive. When they do arrive, you’ll be surprised by the quality of the clothes. The material is inferior. The colors look cheap. I’d say this is a scam-like store.

  4. I got my order minus one item they were missing (they credited me). There were four item of clothing with defects. Two with button holes that were too small for the buttons, and two that were not rayon blend as advertised (in fact most of the clothing did not have the required content labels). I asked to return these per their free return policy. The offered me $20 to keep them–but they owed me $145. I kept asking for a return shipping label. They increased their offer a bit but said they wouldn’t do the return. Finally, after I contacted Paypal, they said I could return, but I would have to pay the $30+ shipping. I spent hours on this in back and forth emails. Awful experience. Don’t believe their free return policy and be aware that some of the clothing is defective and not made from what they say.

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