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Unwanted hairs are a big problem for both men and women. No one has time to go to a salon and spend a hefty amount of time and money just for threading or waxing. If you are looking for a permanent solution to this problem, then go nowhere but tryNood. is an online store that provides you with a permanent solution to hair removal. But these days, online stores are no less than scams. So to check the legitimacy of, we delved into deep research and reached the final conclusion. If you want to know about the legitimacy of this website, then continue reading this blog. Let us take you through the research of our Reviews.

Introduction to the

Getting rid of unwanted hair by keeping your skin perfectly smooth and damage-free is a big challenge. Commonly used hair removal creams and razors often damage the skin. You might get cuts using the razor, or your skin might get dried, or you might lose the color of your skin. Nobody wants to face these problems, especially girls. If you are facing these challenges and want a permanent solution, you can visit Trynood. is an online store that guarantees a permanent solution to hair removal without harming the skin. Here you can find a limited number of products, but all of them are helpful in getting soft, smooth, and silky skin. Trynood’s famous product is “The Flasher 2.0.” It is a hair-removing laser light that goes to the roots and makes the hair roots dead without damaging the skin’s color. Trynood claims to use FDA-approved skin-safe technology. To avoid any harm to your skin, all products are rigorously tested against skincare standards. Moreover, it has exfoliants and a reviver that can be used to keep the skin soft and healthy.

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Some of the Best Selling products at are listed below:

  • The Flasher™ 2.0
  • The Revealer (New)
  • Trynood’s The Noodist Kit
  • The Reviver

My Quick Take ( Reviews) reviews

When I saw their 12-week money-back guarantee, I decided to buy. In 8 weeks, the device should work. So long as I use it twice a week (three times the first week), I’ll know if I can get my money back. I ordered Nood Flasher, and here is my review.

The Nood Flasher 2.0 has made a big difference. The growth of my hair has slowed but not stopped. I’m comfortable wearing shorts after three days without shaving. I started on level 1 and worked up to 7, and I was surprised by the lack of pain (caveats listed below).

My skin isn’t dolphin-smooth, but it’s better.

The device smells and feels like burning hair. Dark sunglasses will protect your eyes. I turn away. When you first place it on your skin, there’s no delay, so don’t look at it or you’ll see the flash for a few minutes. Sometimes I hold it with both hands to prevent looking.

It’s slow. Before ordering, I didn’t do three passes. I only feel pain when I’m shaving coarse hair or a freckle, or on the second or third pass. My thighs are also painful. My knees and ankles were not painful, as expected.

If I do another area before returning to the same one, it hurts less. I assume it’s to cover everything. After a treatment, I’ve had itchy spots that feel like sunburn or bug bite. I want those results, even if lowering the level helps. As I overlapped and tried to get every spot, I thought those areas may have been flashed more than three times.

The center of the button broke after the fourth time I used it. When I emailed them, they said it was only an aesthetic detail. Two weeks is too soon.

How To Use TryNood Hair Removal Handset?

So, to use this Nood handset device, press the device over your skin at a 90-degree angle and either press the flash button or hold the device until it flashes if it’s in auto mode.

Is a Legit website? reviews

Other than the experience I had, I have found many people talking well about this website. There are many other things that we considered before making any specific conclusion. Let’s discuss them.

According to Google’s results, the website’s domain was created two years ago. It means that the website is not brand new and has been up and running for at least two years. The website employs an HTTPS connection, which increases its trustworthiness. Moreover, when we researched more about this website, we found that it does not have any presence on the biggest public platform, Facebook. But their Instagram page has thousands of followers, which gives the impression that this website is not a scam. Furthermore, the website contains the responses of hundreds of users who have given it positive ratings.

However, a few things make this website suspicious. Although the domain was purchased two years ago, the website’s URL has not been secured yet. Not just this, the website has a very limited number of products but a high following on social media pages. It begs the question: If they have such a large fan base, why haven’t they released more products?

Anyway, before giving our final words, we would like to take you through what customers are saying about this website.

FAQs ( Reviews)

Is Nood Flasher FDA Approved?

YES, it is FDA approved device. The Nood Flasher has done multiple testing to ensure that it delivers results that last while being safe for your skin.

Which Technology Do Trynood’s Devices Use?

The Flasher 2.0 was redesigned using the brand-new, patent-pending IPL technology, which delivers light across the whole visible light spectrum and a portion of the infrared light spectrum to boost treatment efficiency and accommodate a wider range of skin and hair types. The highest-quality xenon halide bulb used in the Flasher 2.0’s 4.5 J/cm2 output is spread across a spectrum from 500 nm to 1200 nm.

Is this Hair Removal Treatment Painful?

IPL, or intense pulsed light hair removal, is widely regarded as being significantly safer and less painful than laser hair removal. IPL employs a multi-spectrum bulb rather than a single-wavelength laser, which explains why. During treatment, you might get a mild tingle in sensitive regions, but it shouldn’t hurt.

How often do you use your Trynood Handset?

For the first two months, I advise applying your device twice a week in order to see permanent results, and then once every three to six months thereafter as needed for touch-ups. Since IPL is only effective when your hair is in the growing phase of its cycle, you shouldn’t use it more than twice a week.

Does Nood Hair Removal Works on Light Hairs?

YES, As long as the hair is not bright blonde, Nood is highly successful in getting rid of peach fuzz or thin hairs.

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After conducting extensive research on the internet, we discovered this website in a prominent position. Many people have shown satisfaction after using the products on their website.

Samantha Flair Says:

“Since getting my Nood device almost three months ago, I’ve noticed less hair growth on my legs, despite my initial hesitation.”

Kate M. Says:

“I’m so thrilled to have found a hair removal product that actually works. It doesn’t work instantly, but man, it works!! Thank You Nood.”

Final words ( Reviews)

Wrapping up the reviews, Although there are signs that point towards the legitimacy of the website and ensure that the website is not fake, But some points make their service questionable. I have personally used the product and didn’t face any major problems, but the company did not cooperate well. We would highly recommend making wise purchases.

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