Panrila Clothing Reviews – New Fashion Space For Women Clothing or Another scam?

panrila clothing reviews

Panrila Clothing Reviews – Nowadays online shopping has been a relief for many of us. I mean you can grab your favorite items which can be just a few clicks away! I wanted to buy a few clothes as the Holiday season was approaching, and I had a vacation planned for later this year so wanted to grab some clothing items for these occasions.

So, I happened to come across a website by the name Panrila clothing, as a friend mentioned how trendy, chic, and cute their products were. I thought of digging deep and going through their collection. I wanted to see the Panrila clothing reviews as well, as I was a bit skeptical about the things being offered and mentioned.

The offers seemed too good to be true. Panrila reviews were very limited and rather ‘very positive’ on their site. Just recently, I was made aware of the ongoing scams regarding online shopping, how people create fake websites claiming to be authentic, giving a false address, and sending substandard or entirely different low-quality products. 

One of my friends had also been scammed by one of these websites which claimed to be very professional, delivering quality products, but what she received was rather embarrassing. She ordered a drone camera, and instead, they sent her a few stones packed in a box.

This thought made me a bit curious and I decided to do a little research.

So I started looking for Panrila clothing reviews, and I was surprised. But, before jumping into my findings, let’s talk about the website first, and then we’ll go through the Panrila reviews.

About Panrila Clothing Website

On their website, they say, they are a brand based in Georgia, USA. Before its official website launch, It had been operating as a manufacturer and supplier in the retail fashion space. After the launch of its official website, it started outsourcing and providing a platform for many designers to showcase and sell their creative fashionable pieces. Impressive!

What I liked about their ideology was that they were giving opportunities to small businesses and the ‘yet-to-be’ famous designers who needed an audience and exposure. Another thing to highlight was that the designer and customer were in direct contact with each other without the involvement of a middleman.

The use of recyclable materials in the creation of these clothes is something that needs to be appreciated as well. According to their claim, some share of the revenue is also donated to charities working for poverty-stricken people around the world.

What is not to love about this brand so far?

Finding Panrila clothing reviews is still my main mission!

Products of

panrila reviews

There’s a wide variety of products to choose from according to your liking, style, fabric preference, design, and occasion.

They have tops, and all kinds of dresses, be it mini dresses, midi dresses, long flowy maxi dresses, sweaters, cardigans, cape-styled tops, and suit sets. These items come in both casual and fancy styles according to your preference. There are a lot of outerwear options, including zipped sweaters, hoodies, blouses, and trendy chic tops.

This can be your one-stop shop for trendy, cute, and fashionable pieces to fill your wardrobe. They offer good prices and one can avail of free delivery shopping for over $79. Additionally, if you buy more than one product you can avail of a 5% discount coupon. That’s so cool right?!

But..but… There’s more than meets the eye!

I was looking for the Panrila clothing reviews, and on every product, I could find them. Almost three or four people had left their remarks and it seems everybody was happy with their purchase. Panrila reviews were good overall or I should say excellent.

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Panrila Clothing Discount Offers

The website is offering mouth-watering discounts on almost all items. You can have 40% OFF on all tops, dresses, and outerwear. And to top it off you can have an extra 10% OFF on the first sign-up on the official panrila clothing website.

Pros & Cons


  • Detail-oriented website.
  • Reasonable size charts.
  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Additional coupon code.


  • Monotonous reviews.
  • The address seems to be false. (Not USA based as they claim)
  • Dubious spam score.

Customer Reviews

My suspicion was indeed right. When I came across Panrila clothing reviews on their Facebook page. I found reviews from people, and everyone had mostly the same thing to say. Though the page itself had turned off its reviews section, people had mentioned them publicly on the platform. The website sent them substandard products. Upon claiming a refund, the website despite their claim of ‘30 day free return’ asked to ship the product to an address in Dubai. It also made money offers to return/exchange instead of full money back, when the customers had claimed a refund. Their claim of ‘made in the USA’ had also been false, as some of the products were shipped from China.

Reading all these Panrila reviews, or more so ‘warnings’ from the customers made me feel so sad. I was also shocked at how scams are being run under the guise of all these fancy websites and people fall easy prey to them.

Is Panrila Clothing Brand Legit or Not?

panrila clothing reviews

I got more skeptical about the false address. I investigated the authenticity of the website, and guess what? This Panrila clothing website indeed was a SCAM!

Let me tell you how.

So, when I checked the domain of the website, it was not a verified website. The domain was expiring in 2 months. The ‘oh so positive reviews’ they mention on their website, are all fabricated. The only true access to Panrila reviews I got was through their Facebook page, where many people had written about their bad experiences with this brand. There was not one positive review I could find. The Spam score was also low, which indicated its dubiousness.

The people behind this website have done a meticulous job on their part by fabricating the Panrila clothing reviews, painting a perfect picture for their customers.

I hope people do their research before and not easily fall for too ‘good-to-be-true’ offers.


All in all, I would say, this website is a big scam and people are becoming easy victims. It’s best to research a certain brand, or website before investing your hard-earned money. Always make sure to search and read reviews through different social platforms. If the website has hidden its review section, that could be another red flag. (Particularly for Facebook)

7 thoughts on “Panrila Clothing Reviews – New Fashion Space For Women Clothing or Another scam?”

  1. Do not waste your money! None of the clothes are what the pictures say they are. Then they offer $15 per item instead of a return label when you pay three times as much! Stay far away. Total scam!!!!!

  2. Parrilla is a not trusting company. Please don’t buy it’s close. I bought a pant and a shirt and they sent me some that looks like. I lost my money.

  3. I found this is my research of the site. At this point I always do some googling before buying anything and honestly, I believe I can say, every time Ive questioned a clothing site, it’s been a scam.

    I do a lot on amazon as many do. My first two scam indicators- 1. As mentioned, to good to be true pricing on most products 2. Clothing I’ve seen on Amazon (for half the price by the way).

    I think at this point, if those two things are present, don’t buy.

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