Carbinox Watch Reviews – Is It A Reliable Smartwatch Brand or Another Scam?

carbinox watch reviews

Carbinox Watch Reviews – Recently I grew very fond of owning a smartwatch. I saw one of my friends wearing one and I instantly wanted to buy one. I was so impressed by its features and asked about where he had bought it. If you’re looking for possibly the best smartwatches at one stop then I think you can rely on the Carbinox watch. This was the first impression I get when looking at their website.

 Now I’m not a techie person so I had to research on my part before investing in something like a smartwatch. So, I tried to find carbinox watch reviews and did come across a few. 

 I’d be sharing my bit of experience with carbinox watch, and carbinox watch reviews.

 Let’s first dig in, on what the brand has to say about itself.

About Carbinox Watch Brand

Carbinox is a digital merchant of smartwatches. They offer meticulously designed, beautifully crafted, and durable smartwatches. Now, I must say, I’ve been impressed by the designs as well as the functionality of the Carbinox watch. 

The brand was launched in 2021, in Miami, Florida. They claim to provide the highest quality Carbinox watches which provide satisfaction to the customers. The Carbinox watch can withstand extreme work environments, and its durability is commendable.

Carbinox team claims to provide top-quality products and lifetime support.

Going through the catalog of products, there was a lot to see. Carbinox watch was a frequently bought product, and I could see the Carbinox watch reviews on their website as well.

The Carbinox catalog included a Carbinox Tactical pen, Carbinox watch, Carbinox titan watch, and Carbinox smartwatch. 

The brand offers free shipping inside the USA only. Their Shopping is also for US-based customers.

Carbinox smartwatch team also allows you to become their ambassador and earn money as a result. Impressive right?

I’ll be writing a detailed Carbinox smartwatch review after a thorough investigation to let you guys know if the Carbinox watch is really worth the investment or not.

Stay tuned, and continue reading.

Carbinox Products

carbinox watch reviews

Carbinox Smart Watch

The Carbinox smartwatch collection consisted of Carbinox Titan, Carbinox watch Luxe Black, Carbinox Titan watch, The Spacecrafter, Carbinox Titan watch army edition, the Carbinox vesta, and Carbinox X-ranger.

  • Accessories: There are other tech accessories as well. These accessories constitute our daily tech accessories that are frequently used. Carbinox Tempered Glass 2x Pack, Carbinox USB charging cable, black camo band, USB charging cable for the Spacecrafter, Carbon Fiber band, Green Camo band, Leaf green band for the Spacecrafter, and Carbinox Tactical pen.


A few additional products included the Carbinox Power bank, Carbinox tactical backpack, Carbinox flashlight, Carbinox Wallet pro, and Carbinox Wallet V2.

Specifications of Carbinox Watch Website

  • Domain Name:
  • Domain Age: unavailable
  • Main Menu: Smartwatch, Accessories, Extras
  • SSL Certificates: Secure
  • HTTP: Secure and virus-free
  • Payment Methods: American Express, Discover, Mastercard Visa
  • Shipping Time: 3-5 working days
  • Social Media Links: TikTok, Facebook.
  • Returning Days: 30 days

Is a Legit Website or Another Scam for buyers? 

So, going through their online social platforms, I came to know that actually the Carbinox watch reviews are all fake and fabricated. They might be paid reviews as well. 

On their website, one can see very positive, and amazing reviews, as if they’ve got the best smartwatches. However, to my surprise, there were numerous negative reviews and bad experiences associated with their products. So much of it must be true, as a lot of people can not complain about the same thing.

Anyhow, coming towards the Carbinox Smartwatch, a lot of people commented on the fact that how after wearing the watch for just a few days or months, it completely stopped working and lost its functions. 

The customer service of the website was also questioned by many. The response was not great from the brand’s side. In short, judging by the reviews, the Carbinox watch did not appeal to people in the long run. It was deemed rather a scam by most people as the watch used to work very efficiently in the beginning and then one day would stop altogether.  

The Domain Age of the Website

The age of the website domain has a significant role in deciding the website’s legality. If it is less than one year old and will expire soon, then it is not a trustworthy website. The domain age of the website, Carbinox is unavailable indicating its illegitimacy.

Contact Details

Buyers must be aware of the website’s contact details. If they are provided, it indicates that the website itself is not fake and is being looked after by professionals. The website, Carbinox has shared its address, email, and contact details. Hence, we can say, it’s not entirely a fake website.


Address: 1825 NW 112TH Avenue, Doral, Florida 33172, United States

Social Media Presence

If a brand has not much or no social media presence, it’s usually a red flag. If they have turned off their review section, it indicates they’re not trustworthy. One can find Carbinox on different social media platforms like Facebook, and TikTok. Etc.

There are other websites, where one can find authentic reviews about the products sold by Carbinox. These websites include Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, and Scamcapsule.

Pros & Cons (Carbinox Watch Reviews)


  • Variety of products.
  • One can earn money.
  • Become their ambassador.
  • Free shipping for US-based customers.
  • Reviews are available on-site and on other websites as well.
  • Contact details available.


  • Domain age is not available.
  • Low social media self-presence.

Carbinox Watch Reviews By Customers

As I mentioned before, the reviews present on the website were very positive, whereas plenty of other reviews can be found on other websites. Carbinox reviews have been present on different websites such as Reddit, ScamCapsule, YouTube, and Facebook. 

A newcomer might rely on their website reviews and buy the product only to find that they’ve been scammed. However, if they search for more reviews on other platforms, they might save themselves from falling prey to the scam.

People complained about their poor customer service, sending faulty Carbinox watches that only last a few days or months.

Robert D. Says:

I got the watch I bought as a birthday present. Because it took FOREVER for the watch to arrive, I had to buy an alternative present locally. I emailed them cancel the order, but I never heard back. After it arrived 3 weeks later, I emailed the company to ask how to return it (it was still in its original packaging). The customer service reps kept trying to upsell me by pointing out how much shipping costs and how long it will take to get my money back. They also offered me 2 free accessories if I kept the item, but I declined and said just send me the return address instead. I still don’t have a return address or a refund after 15 days.

Carbinox Return and Refund Policy

An email has to be submitted to in case of a return or refund issue. In case of eligibility for a refund or return, the company sends a shipping address. Returns are only accepted in the first 30 days of purchase. Any damaged product will not be accepted and the customer is not eligible for a refund. A refund is made within 5-7 business days in case of acceptance by the company.

For replacement, they do not accept damaged or broken products. The product must be returned within 30 days of purchase and the complaint made to the brand must be within 24-48 hours of receiving the product.

FAQs (Carbinox Watch Reviews)

1. Is the smartphone compatible with Carbinox Watch?

Yes, any smartphone, whether it’s Android or Apple can be connected to the Carbinox Smartwatch via Bluetooth by using the app DAFIT.

2.  How long does it take to receive the order?

order processing takes 1-2 days, and after that 3-5 business days for delivery.

Final Reccomendations

Based on my research on the Carbinox watch reviews and the Carbinox smartwatch collection, I would conclude that it is not a truly authentic brand. The team who claims to be professionals behind the brand is running a scam and sending faulty products to the people. Their domain age is not available, and their online reviews present on other websites are not positive. Judging by these factors I would advise against buying from them.

As a final recommendation, before purchasing anything due to their overall bad reviews I would suggest doing more research, and then if you’re satisfied, place an order, or vice versa.

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