Eriony Clothing Reviews – Affordable Clothing Brand For Women or Not?

eriony clothing reviews

Eriony Clothing Reviews – Are you searching for a website with a clothing collection of warm and soft clothes? Do you need to stock your wardrobe with some comfy items? If so, then you should read this article. Many clothing merchants are selling dresses and outerwear online. Most of them are scams. To save yourself from being scammed, read Eriony reviews carefully.

Eriony is an online clothing merchant with sweaters, cardigans, casual dresses, two-piece sets, etc. They are a manufacturer and supplier. They deliver products globally. But surely you will be conscious of their authenticity. Read this article carefully to learn about

About Eriony Clothing Brand

Eriony is an online clothing retail shop with various items for women. Their clothes are manufactured in the Philippines and Vietnam. Eriony was created in 2015. After their creation, they progressed a lot.

They have multiple social media accounts. Eriony clothing reviews are in vast numbers. Eriony has yet to disclose their contact information with buyers. The products are delivered within 35 business days. Free shipping is for big orders. They are offering big discount offers.

Eriony Clothing Products

eriony clothing reviews

Eriony has the following main categories: Specifications

  • Domain Name:
  • Domain Age: 1 year and two months
  • Main Menu: Clothes, sweaters, and Cardigans
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Cards, Master cards
  • Shipping & Delivery time: 35 business days
  • Shipment Fee: No Fee for orders above $79.
  • Social Media Accounts: Facebook and Instagram Accounts are available.
  • Return & Exchange days: 30 days
  • Cancellation Time: within 24 hours of placing an order.

Is a Legit Website or Another Scam?

On the internet, it is effortless to develop a website and grow it faster using different techniques. This creates an opportunity for scammers to build a website and commit fraud on people. But there are always many checks and balances that help in finding the scamming and existing websites:

Contact Details:

Contact details include the business name, parent company, phone number, and address. In digital shopping, it is an essential point, and it must be disclosed to the buyers. Unluckily, Eriony has yet to share their basic details.

Social Media Handles

Social media plays a significant role in a person’s personal or business progress in the digital era, as people in this world must use different social media accounts. So, to grow a business, the online business creates its profiles and shares them with buyers. Eriony has Facebook and Instagram profiles with followers engagement.

Domain Age

As the internet grows faster, thousands of e-commerce stores are emerging daily. In order to differentiate between scamming and original websites, the domain age of an e-commerce store is critical to be determined. Many online AI extensions are available to check the domain age. is only one year and two months old. But their physical business experience is about seven years.


Discount offers are bonus tools for businesses to acquire buyer attention. So, eriony has the following discount offers:

  • On sign-up with email, 10% OFF will be available.
  • Free shipping and 40% Off on 79$ and above items.
  • The fashion sale is 50% Off. the code is Save10.

Pros & Cons (Eriony Clothing Reviews)


  • Social media accounts are created.
  • Eriony clothing reviews are in large numbers.
  • 4 Star ratings.
  • Domain age is one year and two months old.


  • Shipping could be faster.
  • Contact information needs to be included.

Eriony Clothing Reviews By Customers

In the dress purchasing process, you acquire help choosing the right one. In online shopping, comments and ratings left by experienced buyers are helpful for new customers. When people see a product having good reviews and high ratings, new customers will buy it. But if the items and shop is getting negative reviews, it will last a drastic impact on it.

Well, when we see the Eriony clothing reviews, there is more than satisfactory. Customers are buying things and giving feedback in favour of Eriony has got 4+ star ratings. There is a traffic of satisfied reviews on social media accounts and the official website.

Eriony Shipping, Cancellation, and Return Policy

Eriony has devised its policies on the official websites, where customers may go through them. When an online customer places an order, Eriony will start processing the order, which takes 1–3 business days. After processing the order, the order will be delivered within 35 business days. The shipping time is the same whether you choose the postal service or the expressway. For orders above 79$ are shipped free.

Regarding the cancellation procedure, the order can only be cancelled within 24 hours after order placement. If you cancel the order after 24 hours but it still need to be shipped, Eriony will charge an extra 10% order fee.

If the delivered items are damaged or impartial, you may ask Eriony to return them or exchange them via email. After you return the products, they will assess the things, and after verification, they will refund or replace you accordingly.

FAQs (Eriony Clothing Reviews)

eriony clothing reviews

Does Eriony accept PayPal payments?

Yes, Eriony does. They accept payments via Paypal, master cards, visa cards, American Express etc.

Does Eriony clothing offer a catalogue?

No, they don’t offer catalogues. All items are shown on the official website.

How can I order the exact size?

On the official website, they have written size measuring charts where you may seek help in measuring your body size. All product sizes are mentioned clearly.

Does Eriony Clothing Brand offer custom orders?

Eriony manufactures clothes in their own company. But currently, they are selling only showcased items. You may not order customized designs.

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Final Submission

Eriony is an online clothes merchant with dresses manufactured in Vietnam and the Philippines. Their main categories are dresses, tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, and cardigans. They have been working since 2015.

With buyers, they still need to share their contact information. Their social presence is impressive. Eriony clothing reviews are more astonishing. People are satisfied with what they deliver.

If you’re going to place an order, we suggest you do more research on the reviews, then after complete satisfaction, place an order.

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  1. Rebecca Cidre

    Not happy at all with what I received. What was pictured and what I received were not the same….and I have been trying to get it returned and refunded and they have offered me $30.00. Do not purchase from this site.

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