Vetchy Swimwear Reviews – Is It The Best Swimwear Store or Scam?

Vetchy Swimwear Reviews – If you are looking for some amazing Swimwear this summer, Vetchy can be your one-stop shop. I was searching for some good swimwear sets for the upcoming summer season, and I had a vacation planned for later this year, so I wanted to grab some resort wear and swimwear sets for these occasions.

 As I was scrolling through their website. I came across beautiful items and thought to myself, “Wow!” These are some lovely sets! Seriously, anyone would swoon over those pieces. They also had resort wear essentials that could enhance your beach or vacation experience. Anyone would instantly think of buying those swimsuits without thinking much about whether the brand is authentic or not.

I went on to look for the Vetchy swimwear reviews and found great reviews. But as you know, sometimes ‘there’s more than meets the eye,’ so I looked for the Vetchy swimwear reviews on other social platforms before investing in their products. As I was researching their authenticity, I thought of writing this article to help others know whether they should buy from this website.

So, let’s begin.

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About Vetchy

Vetchy is an online brand that sells a beautiful, chicc, and exotic collection of swimwear and resort wear items. They are a California-based brand and deal online only. They are centered on creating the perfect bikini for women to provide a comfortable fit and a confident look. Their bikini tops are made to compliment the body type and serve as an ideal fit giving shape and lift naturally.

They also have a social media presence on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok. You can also find a customer care section that has given the size guide, return, exchange, refund policy, and FAQs section. They also provided free shipping across the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia,

On the Facebook page, they have also mentioned their contact address, contact number, and email address, where one can easily contact them. This is a positive sign that one can easily avail their customer care options in case of any inconvenience.

To my surprise, I also found a testimonial section with numerous reviews about different products. This was what I was looking for. But one thing that caught my attention was that all reviews were positive. I thought of looking elsewhere as well. I’ll write about that later in this article.

Products of Vetchy Swimwear

There’s a wide variety of swimwear to choose from according to your liking, style, fabric preference, design, and occasion.

You can find bikinis, sets, one-piece sets, resort wear, laguna bikinis, and all kinds of swimwear in the swimwear category. The bikinis sets are beautiful, and each has a unique design perfect for your beach parties. Additionally, you can style the resort wear apparel on top of them to complete a chicc look. Not to mention the exotic laguna bikini sets; they were to die for, seriously!

Let’s find out what people who have bought from this website have to say that might add to our authentic Vetchy Swimwear reviews hunt.

What Do Customers Say About Vetchy Swimwear? 

Vetchy Swimwear Reviews

As I mentioned earlier, I came across the testimonial section on the website of Vetchy swimwear. These reviews were very positive, and people who had uploaded their pictures in the review section were also happy about their products. They got the perfect fit and product according to their liking.

They were moving on to Facebook and other platforms. I saw a mix of reviews. You will find a 2/5-star rating on Facebook, indicating that this brand is at fault somewhere. Looking closely at the reviews, I found that many people had size issues, many didn’t receive their order, and few still needed their refund or exchange. Those who had a good experience also uploaded pictures wearing their swimsuits. Furthermore, the brand replied to the people complaining about their products, promising to resolve the issue. 

Furthermore, I came across a few other websites where people had explained their awful experiences with this website. The enormous reviews were convincing enough not to trust this website. On trust pilot, it had a rating of 2.9/5- stars. People wanted more from their services and customer care policies.


  • Detailed Size charts
  • Beautiful variety of swimwear
  • Mention every detail of the item.
  • Free delivery across the US, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Customer care section present
  • The contact address, contact number, and email address are mentioned on the site.
  • Testimonial section present
  • Other social media platforms’ presence


  • Only positive reviews are mentioned on the website.

Is Vetchy Legit Webite or Another Online Scam Store?

Even though the brand Vetchy has put great effort into its marketing, advertisements, and endorsements on different social sites, they still need to deliver what they claim to do. Although only a few people had a good experience with them, a bigger lot had faced a bad experience at the hands of this brand. 

  • The reviews on their website were not all true. One can say that they chose to publish only the positive ones. 
  • They had a relatively high spam score. The domain age of the website was also very young. Both factors indicate the legitimacy of the website. It is a dubious brand, if not a scam at all.

Finding out all this information regarding the website, I was so astonished because they painted such a perfect picture of everything on their website. And I could see how people would easily be convinced by looking at the website. It would be so easy to fall prey to their scam!


 In my concluding remarks regarding this website, it is not true to its word. The products and items are tempting to buy, but one must do proper research before investing in them as they’re not delivering the products or the wrong ones. Secondly, their return and refund policy has loopholes as well. They don’t cater to the customer’s needs and wishes.

 The reviews written on different platforms prove their illegitimacy. The domain age, selective reviews on the website, and low trust score, all point in one direction, that this is a dubious website. One may try their luck with this brand, hoping they will get a good product, but I suggest not investing in their products.

This was my conclusion based on research on Vetchy swimwear reviews. Always make sure to search and read reviews through different social platforms. If the website has hidden its review section, that could be another red flag.

So, I’ll have to find something else for my summer vacation plans.

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