Behinggate Reviews – Are These Bras Worth your Money?

behinggate bras reviews

Behinggate Reviews – If you’re a gym lover and work, you need a solid and comfortable bra that can lift your breast correctly. Are you looking for a bra that fits your breast and shapes it comfortably? It is challenging to purchase bras for you online because these online bras are often in need of a different size or quality.

Behinggate is one of the famous online bra-selling merchants. They have special bras for the athletes. You’re already familiar with the scams that often happen online due to improper information. We will share every single detail of in the behinggate reviews articles. Let’s see what quality they offer and whether they are original.


Behinggate is an e-commerce store with different types of bras in all sizes. They are trying to manufacture various creative, trendy, and beautiful bras to gain buyers’ trust. Their primary mission is to provide quality and gorgeous bras to women.

Behinggate has free shipping for orders priced over 50$. For orders with a value of less than 50$, you have to pay 4 to 5 dollars to get your package. Behinggate bras are delivered within 4–7 days. They’re offering seven days for returns.

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Behinggate Products

behinggate reviews

Behinggate is selling these products online: Specifications

  • Domain Name:
  • Main Menu: Bras, underwear and Sports Bras.
  • Email:
  • Payment Methods: not shown on the official website.
  • Shipping and Processing Time: 24-48 hours for processing and 3-7 days for shipping.
  • Return or Exchange Days: 7 days
  • Social Media Accounts: no social media accounts.
  • Website Age: Almost three months

Behinggate Bras Best Qualities

Despite the presence of thousands of online bra-selling websites, why should we choose the Behinggate bra? Below are its unique qualities:

Comfy and Supportive

Behinggate bras are comfortable to wear and also supportive of breasts. They’re comfortable to wear while doing sports. Their primary specialty is sports bras. Because a particular type of bra is required in sports, Behinggate bras are the best for this purpose.


The material used in the manufacturing of Behinggate bras is durable. It still needs to be finished even after multiple washing processes. For women concerned about its durability, the issue is fixed.

Sexy and Stylish

The behinggate bra is designed by professional designers, and then a voting poll is passed so that the sexy and stylish look of a bra can be decided. They have various types of designs and styles in multiple colors.

Easy to wear

In other bras, a bug wearing the innerwear is complicated because they use hooks or knotted ties. But behinggate bras are easy to wear. They don’t need a special effort to utilize them while wearing the bras.

Is a Legit website or Another Online Scam With Buyers?

In online shopping, different reviews of your particular brand help you decide whether to buy from them. These articles tell us whether they are legal or not. We have written Behinggate bra reviews so that you can determine the legal character of Behinggate.

Behinggate Contact Information

 Behinggate primary information, like an address, company name, or phone number, is not accessible to buyers. And indeed, it is not professional behavior. The team must share the contact details of Behinggate with customers.

Social Media Accounts

The behinggate has not a single social media link. In the colonial era, an online business must have social media accounts to reach clients.

Behinggate Site Content

Behinggate bras reviews tell that they have plagiarism content on their official website. How would an online website be original if it had stolen the other website’s content without its permission?

Discounts Offers (Behinggate Reviews)

  • Free shipping on purchases of 50$+ items.
  • 10 to 60% discount deals are available on different products.

Behinggate Reviews by Buyers

behinggate reviews

After a complete assessment of the official website, we didn’t find a single review on any item, as there are no behinggate social media accounts. It is not suitable for any online store with no reviews.

In behinggate reviews, we only say they are new in the market. They created their business profile in November 2022. It may be an excuse for not having any reviews.

Final Words (Behinggate Reviews)

Behinggate is a new one in the online market that sells different types of bras. There are no social media accounts or contact information accessible to customers. Behinggate reviews are also not available. Only the policies are shared, which is not enough to justify the Behinggate legitimacy.

We recommend you not place any orders or enter your confidential data on

21 thoughts on “Behinggate Reviews – Are These Bras Worth your Money?”

  1. Hooks come open with certain movements. Not pleased with support. If you are active or exercising they don’t hold breast in

    1. Advertised free returns are a lie.
      Bras offer little support and when I tried to return was told the cost was prohibitive and they would ge me a discount on future purchases. Totally unsatisfactory!

    1. Yep….ordered 41/2 months ago and they even tried to tell me they had refunded my Pay Pay like they thought I wouldn’t notice. What can we do?

  2. Where is my order from 16 days ago for bras. I paid $54.98 and I have not gotten my bras yet. Do I need to get the FBI involved because this is a scam?

  3. I ordered…bras are cheap and do not fit correctly. I sent MANY emails to return merchandise and have not received a reply. They have a 7 day return policy from item received date. I have emailed every day after receiving item….still no response. DO NOT ORDER from them!

  4. linda tothhunt

    I placed an order for the buy 1 and get 2 free front closure bras for 39.99 plus 6.99 for shipping on Feb 22, 2023 and paid 43.98 and I have not heard anything back whether this has been shipped or not. I would like some type of reply or I will cancel this order or report a fraud. Thank you.

    1. You might as well report fraud because that’s exactly what it is. I ordered mine in January. Tell me how and I’ll do the same.

  5. linda tothhunt

    I ordered the buy 1 get 2 free bras front closure on Feb 22, 2023 and paid 43.98. I have not heard anything of any shipping being sent. This is my 2nd post within 10 min. 1st one is gone. I need to know what is going on or I will cancel the order and/or report you for a scam.

  6. linda marie Tothhunt

    I ordered 3 bras on Feb 22, 2023 and have not hear about anything being shipped and I paid 43.98. Please take care of this or I will cancel ans/or report you for a scam.

  7. I fell for it too. I ordered in Jan 14. They keep telling me it’s in its way but the tracking they give me has been stalled since Feb 25. How do we report them as scammers??

  8. Marjory Sparks

    Terrible bras. In order to get a refund you have to mail them to China.They promis to reimburse for the postage but I can’t take a chance of getting my money back for shipping. Not a good company to deal with.

  9. Judy L Vaughn

    I tried to order the buy 1, get 2 free, i put in the correct size, but they kepy changing it, i ended up with 3 bras that don’t fit. I don’t have a return label, i don’t have a phone number to call, so i guess i got snuckered out of $43.00, I will not order anything else on line, especially from this bunch of crooks. Hope you enjoy scamming innocent people. This is a bad company!!!!!!!

  10. Marie cormier

    I ordered buy 1 get 2 free. I took my mesurement and check there Chart… the One a recevied are too small. The bra and the Chart does not match or something! Very expensive for bras I can’t use,$ 66.00(canadien)!!

  11. I also have issues….Finally received order yesterday….took more time to unhook than try on….way too big and no way to adjust….I did research their return policy before ordering….got an email overnight saying I can’t return…maybe I can get somewhere with PayPal.

  12. I bought bras from this company in June but still haven’t received anything, they keep telling me it shipped and to check with friends and family or the post office to track my package for either pick up of my mail or delivery even. I am home all day so no one else needs to get my mail. I have requested a refund several times and they refuse. They are connected to Behinggate along with others, I found the ad for them on Facebook so they do have social media connection. I guess my next step is to conduct a fraud case against them.

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