Miesis Swimwear Reviews – A Comprehensive Review of Meisis Swimwear Brand. Worth Your Money? Read Now!

Miesis Swimwear Reviews

Miesis Swimwear Reviews – Are you searching for luxuriously soft fabric-made swimwear? Do you want comfortable and sexy bikinis for a good swimming experience? It is not at all a cup of tea to find an online shop to buy swimwear products. Some websites sell the dresses, but those are uncomfortable to wear while swimming or cannot remain with us due to their low durability factor. That’s why we always try to create a legit website with suitable attire for sale.

MeisisSwimwear.com is a swimwear merchant that sells bikinis, tops, bottoms, and other types of swimwear in various designs and styles. They are according to your choice in terms of styles and fashion. To provide important information about us.miesisswimwear.com, we have compiled detailed Miesis swimwear reviews for your convenience.

About Miesis Swimwear Brand

Miesis is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of swimwear products internationally. They are based in Australia. They have a team that is well-experienced and determined. According to some reports, they have been working since 2016. Meiosis Swimwear strives to produce various styles and designs for the customer’s enjoyment.

We are not able to get their owner’s details from any source. They have also hidden their address and phone number. Their social media accounts are professionally created. On each social site profile, there is significant involvement from people. The website and product reviews are found in internal and external review systems. They process the order within 24 to 48 hours. Miesis has a 30-day return policy for faulty swimwear products. To receive the order, you must bear the tax and duties yourself.

Miesis Swimwear Products

Miesis has showcased the following main categories on the official website:

  • Bottoms
  • Tops
  • Mens Swimwear
  • Resort Wear
  • Gift cards
  • Sherbet
  • Minimals
  • Check Azura

If you are going to buy from them, then have a keen overview of the size chart and product description.

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Miesis Swimwear Specifications

While buying the swimsuits, you must read the description to check whether what you are buying has the qualities you want. Miesis has the following features in its swimsuits:

  • Lightweight: Swimming itself is effort-taking work. But Miesis has considered the weight in the production of the swimsuits. Miesis swimsuits are lightweight, so you might not get disturbed or feel the heavy weight while swimming.
  • Flexible: Miesis swimwear is flexible. With the use of nylon in bikinis, your swimming experience will be enjoyable due to its flexibility.
  • Versatile: Miesis swimwear is versatile in color, size, design, and style. Women and men like to wear different types of dresses for different occasions. That’s why creating different designs eases you and gives you joy.
  • Moisture-wicking: If you wear bikinis or bottoms that absorb water or moisture, you’ll feel bored or heavily weighted after swimming. That’s why Miesis uses nylon so that it is water-resistant. It will make your swimming journey more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Durable: As nylon does vanish or get its quality disturbed easily. This will make the swimwear more durable. There is nothing that decomposes or distorts the swimwear made from nylon. It will reduce the cost and effort of repeatedly buying swimsuits.
  • Stretchability: Due to the use of spandex, the swimsuits are stretchable up to 500 times. Despite the 500-fold stretchability factor, they quickly return to their original shape in a few seconds. That’s why the swimwear is made from a spandex blended with other fabric materials like nylon.

Discount Offers

Despite sufficient effort, we are not able to see any discount offers. The only discount offer we found during our research is that they are offering 10% OFF on subscribing their Newsletter service while also providing your active contact number.

Is Miesis Swimwear A Legit Website or Another Scam With Buyers?

In offline shopping, we have direct communication with the shopkeeper. We have the facility to check the dresses or clothes quality by hand. But all these pros are not available when shopping online. Although it is easy to do online shopping by seeing the website and its product descriptions, you can make payments online by card, and then the order will be delivered to your home or a postal address. But at the same time, it is much riskier, as you don’t know the website owner and have no direct communication between the buyer and seller. It may suffer you towards scams. There are two types of suffering you may be affected by. One is your money, and the other is your confidential information. As we are not touching the dresses and are just seeing the posts or descriptions, the e-commerce stores may deliver poor-quality dresses.

There must be criteria to decide whether we should buy from a specific website to avoid all the above doubts and wrong proceedings. Reviewing websites and other bloggers on different platforms has set particular criteria, so you might not be scammed or spammed. Let’s check the authenticity of the Miesis swimwear.

First of all, we should consider the owner’s identity, then will forward on other points. After checking the Miesis “About Us” section, we were disappointed as they have not revealed anything about their owner or the physical store. We just learned they are located in Australia (still incomplete as it is not an exact address).

Miesis Social Media Presence

On the second number, these days, social media accounts have a unique and positive role in attracting an audience and boosting customer confidence. Miesis has a Facebook profile that 1.4K people follow. Very little customer engagement was observed on Miesi’s Facebook profile. On Instagram, they have around 48,000 followers and 2100 posts published. It is unbelievable for any e-commerce store. On Pinterest, customer interest is not considered.

Miesisswimwear.com is a clothing brand that came into existence in 2016. That’s why they have almost 216 Miesis swimwear reviews online. On Trustpilot, there is zero feedback about Miesis. Although, there are no Miesis swimwear reviews on Scam Advisor. But they have shown us.miesisswimwear.com as a legit website. They say that its trust score is 100 out of 100. That means that they are delighted with the trustworthiness of the Miesis.

Miesis Swimwear Reviews From Customers

Miesis Swimwear Reviews

We have concluded the following after observing customer feedback on many platforms and websites. On the official platforms, good numbers of customer reviews are found. The swimsuits are rated 5 stars. In the comments, we know that the Miesis swimsuits are good quality products, and their size fits as described in the product details.

On social platforms, people have good opinions about Miesis.com. They are happy with the size and style of the swimwear. On TrustPilot, there is zero response. But the website’s trust score is always very high for any commercial website. The website has a 100-trust score. While observing the other chrome extensions regarding Miesis, they are all happy with the size, quality, and customer care.

Katie Neil Says:

“These bottoms are so flattering and have a wonderful fit and fabric, and I can tell they are made of great quality.”

Maria B. Says:

“This bikini fits like a glove. Because I have a booty and other cheeky bottoms have cut in, I have always had trouble finding bottoms that fit me, however these bottoms are SO FLATTERING and the material is fantastic.”

Kiara Cole Says:

“I got a large top since I wear a 32DD breast size, and a small bottom because I wear a 26 waist size in American jeans. Everything fits great. has space to stretch even. I feel like it would still fit even if I lost weight because of my fluctuating weight. So attractive, especially if you enjoy high-waisted clothing. Additionally, it is a really vivid colour, emphasising your tan. I wholeheartedly endorse.”

Shipping, Return & Cancellation Policies

Miesis policies are not much more defined than they should be. While observing and assessing the shipping policy, they have not yet shared information on how long it will take to deliver the products. Only a processing time of 24 to 48 hours is mentioned. They ship free of charge if the order price is more than 140 USD. But mainly, the websites bear taxes or other regulatory duties. The shipping page mentions that the tax charges or regularity duties are very high.

Whether the customer can cancel the order or not should be clearly defined on the website. They offer a 30-day return policy but are not free. The buyer must return the faulty item with the original packing and other conditions.


Is It a USA Based Brand?

The brand claims to be based in the United States but on the official website we came to know that their warehouse is based is Melbourne, Australia. All products are shipped directly from Australia.

How Do You Contact Them?

Customer service inquiries: info@miesisswimwear.com

Do They Offer Free Shipping?

Free shipping is applicable on orders over US $140.

What is their Mode of Payment?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Paypal
  • Amex
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • And other major bank options.

Are Miesis Products of good quality?

All miesis products are of premium quality and they have got 5- star reviews on almost all products.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight, comfortable and Flexible Swimsuits
  • Durable and Strecthcilbe.
  • Versatile swimwear designs and styles.
  • 100 Trust Score Index
  • Good customer reviews.
  • Social media handles are created.


  • TrustPilot report has no reviews.
  • The policies for shipping and return are not well defined.
  • Owner details must be added.

Sum Up

Miesis is a swimwear fashion brand for men and women. They sell many types of swimwear in versatile designs and fashions. They have been working for many years. Their dresses are shipped all over the world from Australia. They make their swimwear products from nylon and spandex. These swimsuits are light in weight, comfortable to wear, and water resistant. They are stretchable up to 500 times.

Miesis processes the order within 1-2 days, but their shipping days are not mentioned on the official website. They have 30 days to apply for the return or exchange.

Miesis has not shared the owner’s details and address with buyers. They have social media profiles that have many followers. There is good feedback on social media profiles and the official website. We didn’t see Miesis swimwear reviews on TrustPilot or Scam Advisor. The website’s trust score is 100. All the reviewers have given them good ratings. We recommended that they are legit, but their policies raise concerns. Do more research about them.

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