Gabi Swimwear Reviews – Latest Women’s Clothing Brand or Another Scam?

gabi swimwear reviews

Gabi Swimwear Reviews – Are you looking for some chic and trendy swimsuits this summer? Well, I just came across a reasonably good website. The holiday season was approaching, and I had a vacation planned for later this year, so I wanted to grab some clothing items for myself. I thought of scrolling through the website and having a look at their collection. The collection looked amazing! There were discount offers going on as well at surprisingly amazing prices. I thought this was a good deal so far.

Anyway, owing to the increasing scams and frauds happening around online businesses, I thought of finding out about the authenticity of this brand. At first, I couldn’t find the Gabi Swimwear reviews but as I dug a bit deeper and did my own research, I had interesting things to find.

I will discuss everything later in this article, so stick around!

So, What About This Brand?

So, what’s different about this brand? 

It was quite interesting to read about the brand itself. It is a US-based website and was launched in 2018. They are being operated from the US and offer a variety of clothing, swimwear, and accessories for women of all ages.

 Their mission is to provide their clients with the most fashionable clothes that will make them stand out for every occasion. They have provided their email and work from 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week. Additionally, they have social media presence on other platforms as well. You can find them on Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram.

Let’s dig further into what the business is all about.

Products of Gabi Swimwear

gabi swimwear reviews

There’s a wide variety of products to choose from according to your liking, style, fabric preference, design, and occasion.

They have all kinds of swimwear, cover-ups, bikinis, mini dresses, midi dresses, long flowy maxi dresses, and boho dresses. These trendy outfits will surely add a unique touch to your wardrobe. Furthermore, in the suit section, they have two-piece suit sets, rompers, jumpsuits, skirts, shorts, bottoms, and pants. For the tops section, there’s a variety you can choose from, T-shirts, crop tops, blouses, shirts, and sweatshirts. These items come in both casual and fancy styles according to your preference. There are a lot of outerwear options, zipped sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, and cute tops. 

They also offer some beautiful accessories including hats, bags, hair accessories, and jewelry items.

This can be your one-stop shop for trendy, cute, and fashionable pieces to fill your wardrobe. They offer good prices with additional discount offers. and one can get free delivery as well. In the case of the free delivery option, it takes usually more time to deliver. Their delivery time is 7-21 working days. Normally they offer delivery with standard shipping charges in 3-7 days.

Before I give my final verdict and do more research into what I found about the Gabi swimwear reviews, let’s talk about the pros and cons of Gabi Swimwear in general.

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Pros & Cons


  • Detailed Size charts.
  • Mention every detail of the item.
  • Social media presence, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest.
  • Shipping, return, refund policy, and Product tracking options are present.
  • Contact details and email are mentioned.


  • No review section present.
  • Long Delivery time. (7-21 days at maximum).
  • No Shipping address is mentioned.

Gabi Swimwear Reviews By Clients

As I’ve mentioned above that there were no reviews present on their website, so I looked for Gabi Swimwear reviews on other social platforms that they had their presence on and eventually came across different customer reviews about their products.

On their Facebook page, you will see the reviews section and a total rating of 2.3 out of 5. It’s no surprise, the reviews were awful if you begin to go through them. The fabric quality and design were rather deceiving as shown on their website. People received substandard products instead of what they had expected. Upon asking for an exchange, refund, or return, they did not get any response from the brand

There were some people who did not receive their orders at all and upon sending them emails multiple times, the customers did not receive any response. People also received a different kind of product instead of the actual order. There were people who complained about the size issue and late deliveries as well. You will also see pictures attached by the customers to further prove their claim about the substandard products.

Furthermore, I came across a few websites where people had explained their awful experiences with this business. The enormous reviews were convincing enough to not trust this website. It was a sham, and it was sad how so many people fell victim to it.

Is Gabi Swimwear A Legit Website?

gabi swimwear reviews

Let’s dig in to see if this website is legit or not.

The reviews section on their official website was not present. However, on their other platforms, it was proved that they’re running a scam due to the high number of negative reviews.

  • This website does not have many visitors and many followers on social media platforms.
  •  The trust score was 1/100 indicating that it was not a legit brand.
  • Scam adviser: 1/5 stars, 4 reviews.
  • Trust pilot: 3.2/5 stars, 1 review.

Finding out all this information regarding Gabi swimwear, it is quite clear that it is not a trust able business.

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For my concluding remarks regarding this website, I would say that this is a total scam and should be avoided at any cost. The products and items are tempting to buy but one must do proper research before investing in their products as they’re not true to their words. Additionally, one should also check for the legitimacy of the website. 

As you can judge, the reviews written on different platforms and different scam analysis websites prove their illegitimacy. The spam score, low trust score, and reviews, all indicate the fakeness of this business.

 This was my conclusion based on research on Gabi swimwear. Always make sure to search, read reviews, and check legitimacy through different social platforms. If the website has hidden its review section, that could be another red flag.

I hope this review was helpful to you, and I also hope people go through this review once, before investing their money in their products.

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