Coramoon Clothing Reviews – Can It Be Trusted For Real?

Coramoon Clothing Reviews – My friend’s birthday was approaching, and I wanted to give her something related to nature as she loves anything centered around nature and its elements. So, I searched across the internet to look for a perfect site that could offer me variety to choose from. There I came across a website called Coramoon clothing store. I was so amazed to see such a beautiful collection. Honestly, one could fall in love with everything on the website. I love anything related to the moon, sun, and forest, as does my friend. So, I instantly knew what I wanted to get for her and myself.

Anyway, I thought it would be wise to at least look for some Coramoon clothing reviews as I was aware of how people are running online scams in the name of clothing stores and other brands nowadays. Looking around, I found some reviews, which I will discuss later. Also, apart from the Coramoon clothing reviews, I also thought of checking this business’s authenticity. 

So, let’s begin our quest to learn about the Coramoon clothing reviews and legitimacy. 

About Coramoon 

According to Coramoon, as mentioned on their website, if you are a nature lover or someone inspired by nature or heavenly things, this is your perfect stop to shop. Coramoon combines nature and appeal for you to style your outfits and enhance your collection. 

One admirable thing about the brand is that they make eco-friendly products. These products are crafted without harming the environment and can be used for years. 1% of their annual revenue goes to the Environment Protection Department (EPD). 

On their website, you can find the Coramoon clothing reviews as well. Many of them have very positive reviews, along with pictures.

Their production time is 0-3 days, and standard shipping charges are $7.99 with estimated delivery of 7-15 workdays. For expedited shipping, the delivery charges are $24.99, with an estimated delivery time of 5-7 working days. They offer free delivery for orders worth $89 and above. Sounds like a good deal.

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Products of Coramoon

There’s a wide variety of clothing products to choose from according to your liking, style, fabric preference, theme, design, and occasion. You can also find accessories, home décor items, and swimsuits. 

In the clothing section, you will find beautifully designed printed dresses. They have tops, and all kinds of dresses, be it mini dresses, midi dresses, long flowy maxi dresses, sweaters, cardigans, cape-styled tops, and suit sets. These items come in modern and vintage themes according to your preference. Many outerwear options include zipped sweaters, hoodies, blouses, and trendy chic tops. With each clothing item, they have mentioned the fabric type, the item’s material, the season it can be worn in, the occasion for the item, and the number of items in the package. This was something I loved about their product description.

They also had a flash sale going on, and one could get up to 50% off on various products. You could also avail of free shipping for over $89. That was cool! 

Before I give my final verdict regarding my research into Coramoon clothing, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Coramoon clothing website in general.


  • Detailed Size charts 
  • Eco-friendly items 
  • The wide variety of prints and styles 
  • Flash sale of up to 50% off on various items 
  • You can shop by theme according to elements of nature. 
  • Free delivery over $89. 
  • Product reviews are present on the website. 
  • Facebook and Instagram links are given on the website 
  • Refund and return policy defined. 
  • Relevant information about the brand was mentioned.


  • Monotonous reviews. All positive reviews, mostly. 

What Do Customers Say About Coramoon Clothing?

Coramoon Clothing Reviews

As I was looking for the Coramoon clothing reviews, here’s what I dug into the brand. On their website, you will find many reviews under each product. These reviews were all positive. An average 4.5/5-star rating was present for different products if talking about the lowest ratings. 

In the product review section, you can also find the pictures attached by customers; everything looks good so far! 

When you visit their Facebook, and Instagram pages, you will not find reviews as the review section has been hidden, there were a few comments I could see where people had mentioned a positive experience.  

Furthermore, I came across a few websites like Trustpilot where people had explained their ‘not so good’ experiences with this website, giving it a 1.3/5-star rating. Most customers complained about size issues, poor fabric quality, poor stitching, ill-defined return policy, and copying of designs from other artists. Many people accused them of art theft and stealing the works of other independent artists. These enormous reviews are somehow convincing not to trust the website.

Now, I decided to check the legitimacy of this website. 

Is Coramoon Clothing A Legit Website or Not? 

As you’ve seen above, reviews can be manipulated. You might need help finding an appropriate answer to whether a website or business operating online is legitimate by relying solely on website reviews. So, here are a few findings regarding the website that prove whether it’s a scam or a legit business.

  • The website is being operated from China, and they’ve also mentioned it on their website. Similarly, they’ve also mentioned their email where one can reach them.
  • On the scam detector, you could see a score of 42.60/100, indicating that this is not a trustworthy website. It has a low trust score. We cannot claim it as a legit brand but rather a dubious brand.
  • The domain age is very young and less than six months old, indicating it is a scam. 
  • They are doing art theft, stealing designs from other brands, and selling at low prices. 
  • It is a hit-or-miss kind of experience with this website which proves they need to do legit business.

Finding out all this information regarding the website, it was indeed astonishing to see how, on their website, they painted such a perfect picture of everything. And I could see how people would be so convinced easily just by looking at the website. It would be so easy to fall prey to their scam!


For my concluding remarks regarding this business, I would say that this is a total scam as they are involved in art theft, and shopping should be avoided as it would support their business further. It all comes down to morality because if we support such a business, then that wouldn’t be fair to the original artists of the designs as well. The choice is yours. Apart from this, they are also sending cheap, low-standard products, which should also be kept in mind. 

This was my conclusion based on research on Coramonn clothing reviews. Always search and read reviews through different social platforms, and check for the website’s legitimacy, as so many scams are going around. If the website has hidden its review section, that could be another red flag. Similarly, websites with low trust scores and young domain age tend to be scams.

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