Uoozee Clothing Reviews – Is It The Best Clothing Store For Women?

Uoozee Clothing Reviews – Do you want to decorate your wardrobe with stylish and fancy blouses? Are you searching for dresses that astonish the people who have ever seen you? Then you must have scrolled through a number of websites, but due to the abundance of online shops available, it becomes difficult to find legal and quality dresses in online markets.

You may hear about the Uoozee online shop that has multi-type of dresses for different event outerwear. Its website images are attracting people to its shop. But whether Uoozee has your favorites and requirements needs to be reviewed. To facilitate this, we have shared some Uoozee Clothing reviews so you can easily decide on the website’s legitimacy and quality.

About Uoozee

Uoozee is an online dress marketplace with blouses, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, shoes, and accessories for women. They add 200+ new styles every week. They have a free shipment for orders of more than 59$ package. You may return the damaged items within seven days of receiving the order.

Their reviews are both negative and positive. All dress images, including their complete descriptions, are shared on the official website. They have also mentioned the method of measuring your body so that you may order the right thing. If you are going to purchase something from Uoozee, then the article on Uoozee clothing reviews is a gift that will assist you throughout the shopping process on this website.

Uoozee Clothing Products

uoozee reviews

Uoozee will only deliver items that are specifically listed on its website. You will need to continue browsing the catalogs in order to find the item you are looking for. Some of the Uoozee clothes are listed below:

  • Blouses
  • T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Jeans pants
  • Skirts
  • Suits
  • Jumpsuits & Overalls
  • Vests
  • Outerwear
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Padded coat & Down coat
  • Cardigans
  • Leggings
  • Shorts

Is Uoozee Legit?

uoozee amazon

Some rules have been set up to protect you from online fraud. You can use these rules on any website to figure out if online shopping places are actual, high-quality service providers. Here are the rules:

Uoozee Business Owner Number:

You know that it’s crucial for each entity’s contact information to be shared with the right people. Businesses are more likely to be accurate if their contact information is accessible to customers. In this case, Uoozee still needs to give the clients their phone numbers or addresses. It’s not good for the health of a business.

Social Networking:

Every business today has switched to digital mode. So social media is a tool that can help a business grow. Even though it’s not a hard and fast rule for companies or brands, it’s thought that legitimate brands are shops that have their own social media accounts to try and convince and attract customers. Unluckily, Uoozee has yet to involve itself in social media sites.

Uoozee Website Designs:

When a professional designer makes something, it looks more professional. The structure of the official website shows a lot of information without words. For example, if the site needs to be set up correctly, if it uses copied data or images if it has spelling or grammar mistakes, etc. All these mistakes make people question whether they can trust this business. But you are fortunate; Uoozee’s website design is fantastic.

Security Check:

The SSL certificate and HTTPS show that the site is safe and has no malware.

Uoozee Trust Score:

Chrome has many add-ons that customers can use to check if a website is reliable. The trust score shows how happy long-time customers or viewers are with the website or brand. Its trust score is moderate as customers have experienced positive and negative things while buying from them.

Although, many negative things have manipulated the website as lousy quality and service-providing brand. But positive Uoozee clothing reviews tell us how good they are.

Uoozee Discount Offers

All the items in uoozee’s hot sale for autumn pick are 50% off. If you sign up for their email list on their website, you’ll get an extra 12% off. When you place an order, you will see your discounted price. On ordering 3+ items at once, you will get more than 12% off(coupon code is Christmas).

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Pros & Cons (Uoozee Clothing Reviews)


  • 200+ new style addition every week.
  • Variety is fascinating.
  • Discount offers are astonishing.


  • Social media accounts are not created.
  • Clients gave feedback that they have bad-quality clothes.
  • The contact number of the business or business owner needs to be included.

Uoozee Clothing Reviews By Shoppers

uoozee customer reviews

Customer feedback is always welcome in any business. Customer feedback tells you if you’re doing a good job or need to make changes. When a customer gives you good feedback, you get more customers. When a customer gives you bad feedback, you lose customers.

Since no one physically talks to you when you run an online business, people have to trust you based on what other customers have said about you. So, if you want to stay stable in the market, you need to ensure that your customers like the quality of your products and services.

Although uoozee clothing reviews are available, they have been rated very low, and feedback contains negative comments. Check it in your research.

Maria D. Says:

I placed an order for a pair of wide-leg pants with pleats running the length of the front from the waist to the hem. Two pairs of slacks with two 3-inch pleats on either side of the front zipper were given to me. Additionally, I bought a white blouse in a size Large, but instead received a blouse that was possibly tiny or extra small; unfortunately, they don’t include any paperwork with their purchases and don’t mark their clothing. When I wanted to return the things, I was informed that doing so would be extremely difficult due to their location in China, therefore I would simply receive a modest refund.

Heather M. Says

I placed many apparel orders. Aside from two pieces, I like every one of them. In regards to a refund, customer support responded to my email quite quickly.
Will purchase clothing from them once more.

Wrap Up (Uoozee Clothing Reviews)

Uoozee is an amazing clothes and dress-selling merchant that has all over the world recognition. They sell top to bottom, all items. Women don’t need to shop anywhere else. As Christmas is coming, they have launched a new offer having discount offers having coupon code “Christmas“.

Due to covid period, shipping is restricted to many countries. They take 1-3 business days to process the order and then deliver products at different times as per your location(on the official website, the shipment policy is written for all countries).

If you receive damaged or incomplete items, apply for a return within seven days of receiving the order. Before sending them returning items, you have to send an email to service@uoozee.com.

They have attained both types of feedback on all products: Negative and positive. Uoozee creates no social media accounts. Their contact number is also missing.

We recommend that you do enough research on Uoozee reviews because of their negative impacts.

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  1. Need to exchange my 2 blouses…can’t get customer service to exchange my items….they are 2 small xtra large….please contact me @mfennell57@yahoo.com….

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