Susiecloths Shoes Reviews – Best Place To Buy Shoes or Another Online Scam?

Susiecloths Shoes Reviews – Online shopping is bliss; one can scroll through a collection of desired products and order. When you receive the order, it’s like a small present to yourself. It’s the new self-care!

Anyway, I was going to buy some new shoes for myself and wanted to buy something online this time. I came to know about this website, Susiecloths. I thought of giving it a try because the beautiful collection on their website got my attention.

I checked Susiecloths Shoes reviews and found very little about it. I thought of doing deep research about the Susiecloths shoes reviews. I’ve been warned about the ongoing online scams related to online shopping lately, so it was best to ensure the authenticity of this brand before investing my hard-earned money into it.

So, let’s begin.

About Susiecloth

The Susiecloths website is an online brand that features women’s latest and trendy apparel and shoes. It is a brand based in China and was established in 2019. It claims to give the best products at a reasonable price and help optimize the shopping experience for its customers.

On their website, they have also mentioned their address and email address. They are operating in Hangzhou City. With over 100 professionals on their team, they strive to give you the best shopping experience.

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Products of Susiecloth

Regarding the products, you will find all sorts of shoes. There are beautiful and various sneakers, converse, flip flops, flats, heels, slippers, sandals, stilettos, slides, and more. You will find all sorts of shoes for every occasion according to your liking or requirement, and let me tell you, every item is unique and pretty.

Additionally, you will find plenty of discount offers and sales. The latest is the ‘Spring sale.’ These offers are too good to be true, and one would want to buy something from their collection instantly. Can you believe it? They are offering a sale of 500+ products!

These offers come with discount codes and are as below.








You will find different categories on their website, with each product being reviewed. These reviews also come with pictures by the customers, so you can trust their products to some extent. But still, I needed to figure out the authenticity of their reviews. It would be wise to rely on some other source besides the website to get the authentic Susiecloths shoe reviews.


  • Detailed Size charts 
  • The wide variety of designs and shoes
  • Discount offers on more than 500 products 
  • You can shop by design or style of shoes.
  • Additional discount offers on buying more than two products
  • Product reviews are mentioned on the website. 
  • Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram links are given on the website 
  • Refund and return policy defined. 
  • Relevant information about the brand was said, including their Email and address.


  • All reviews were positive, which poses a doubt.
  • The website is operated from China, which leaves a slight suspicion of a scam.

What do Customers have to Say About Susiecloths Shoes?

Susiecloths Shoes Reviews

As I looked for the Susiecloths shoes reviews, here’s what I dug about the brand. On their website, you will find many reviews under each product. These reviews were all positive. An average 5-star rating was present for different kinds of shoes. In the product review section, you will also find the pictures attached by customers; everything looks good so far! 

But this seems too good to be accurate and should be clarified whether the brand is that exceptional. Just a thought!

Okay, now, coming to their Facebook, and Instagram pages, you will not find reviews as the review section has been hidden. There were also a few likes and engagements on their Facebook page. They had turned off the review section, so there was little chance of knowing about their authenticity. The Instagram page had been deactivated or blocked probably, as it wasn’t opening and showing an error.

Furthermore, I came across a few websites like Reportscam where people had explained their ‘absolute worst’ experiences with this brand. Every other customer reported how this website was a complete rip-off. Many people had paid the business but have yet to receive their product. Upon requesting a refund, they have yet to respond. Similarly, those who had received the order had gotten cheap pairs of shoes. They also still need a refund, or the website offered them a replacement. Furthermore, they do not provide a contact customer service number to their customers, will not give a refund, and avoid emails after the purchase.

 These enormous reviews convinced me not to trust the website, and I was shocked. 

 Now, I decided to check the legitimacy of this website.

Is Susiecloths Shoes A Legit Website or Scam?

Let’s dig in to see if this website is legit or not.

On their website, they mentioned that they are based in China. Usually, the scam websites are running from countries like China, so it could raise a suspicion that this website is not authentic.

  • The reviews on their official website were fake. This was confirmed through other social media channels.
  • The Trust score of this website is 1/100, which proves that it is not a legit website.
  • The ScamAdvisor website also gives a 1/5 score based on reviews.
  • Upon checking the domain age, it was also revealed that the domain expires in 2 months, indicating the website needs to be legit.
  • The spam score is very high and suspicious. Hence, we cannot claim it as a legit brand.
  • The website owner is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS.
  • There are a high number of suspicious websites running through this server.

 So many negatives about this website! 


In my concluding remarks regarding this website, this is a total scam and should be avoided at any cost. The products and items are tempting to buy, but one must do proper research before investing in their products, as countless online scams are going around these days. 

The reviews written on different platforms prove the illegitimacy of this brand. The domain age, fake reviews on the website, spam score, zero-customer care, and failure to comply with the refund and return of products all point in one direction: this is a fake brand. Always make sure to search and read reviews through different social platforms. Additionally, look for the legitimacy of the website as well. That could be another red flag if the website has hidden its review section or you don’t see much following on its other social platforms.

This article was helpful to you and will also help other people to save themselves from this scam. Have a great day!

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