Gavye Clothing Reviews – Is It Legit Women Clothing Store or Another Scam?

Gavye Clothing Reviews

Gavye Clothing Reviews – Do you love to wear asymmetrical necklines and cold shoulder tops for your everyday outfits? Are you searching for an online website with every type of clothing with breathable and comfortable features? Finding an online website that fulfils your desires among the thousands of websites is very challenging. is a clothing and fashion store for women. They have diverse clothes and dresses for your daily outfits or special events. If you want your shopping effort to end, you should closely look at Gavye clothing reviews to get an exact idea about the nature of’s products and customer service.

About Gavye is a professional fashion brand that delivers various dresses and clothes to various countries. They ship free for large orders and charge some fees for small orders. Their clothing varieties are made from cotton and elastane. These dresses are durable and comfortable.

They have various warehouses in the UK, the US, and Canada. They ship the products from the warehouses closest to the order shipment location. According to their shared information, they have an experienced team of manufacturers and designers. They have a 30 days return policy for faulty items. The Gavye owner’s name has not yet been disclosed to the buyers. Still, they are successful in getting 5-star ratings on the official website.

Gavye Products

The Gavye products are:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Casual Dresses
  • Sweater & Cardigans
  • Two Pieces Set
  • Dresses (Mini, Maxi, Midi, Long Sleeve Dresses, Printed Dresses, Sweater Dresses)

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Gavye Products Specifications

Gavye products are 5-star rated, and have good Gavye clothing reviews on many products. These are due to the following:

  • Moisture Wicking Dresses: Gavye clothes are made of a specific percentage of elastane. Due to this, the dresses and clothes absorb the moisture and keep the body dry.
  • Stretchability: Gavye dresses are exceptionally highly stretchable. It adds more comfort to wearing dresses all day. Due to this feature, the dress’s size remains fit for extended periods.
  • Affordable and Accessible: in the production of Gavye dresses, there is significant participation of cotton, a natural fabric used worldwide. As cotton is easily accessible, it costs less than other fabrics or materials used to manufacture dresses.
  • Pattern: dresses have simple but gorgeous-looking designs, that’s why these dresses have charm and uniqueness. To portray your soft personality image, Gavye has designed the dresses in a unique style that attracts the viewer’s attention.


To make the products’ prices affordable, Gavye has launched many discount offers. Over the purchase of 1 item, you’ll get 5% extra off by applying coupon code “Save5”; over the purchase of over 2 items, you’ll get an extra 10% Off on coupon code “Save10”. Also, the shipping is free for orders having a price of more than 79$. On Sitewide Off, there is 40% Off.

Is A Legit Website or Not?

Certain fundamentals must be analysed thoroughly to check any website’s legal nature and product quality. In offline shopping, there is no direct or physical relationship between the shopkeeper and the customer. So, the rules and certain precautions can be adopted to remain safe from scammers.
Regarding, they have not disclosed the owner’s name to the business. Hiding the business owner’s name is not perceived as suitable for online shops. It is a red flag for the integrity of

Another crucial point is the creation of social media profiles. These profiles significantly affect the website’s authenticity and revenue increment. Gavye has a Facebook account that has almost 7,000 followers. Among these seven thousand followers, only fifty reactions or a few comments are present on the posts. It is not a good point for The only good is that people are happy on the social media profiles about the Gavye products. Their Instagram has no posts yet shared.’s trust score is only one, according to the Scam Advisor. They warn us that this website has the lowest rankings, and the trust score is not even considered. There are no Gavye reviews found on Scam Advisor. But on TrustPilot, they have 23 reviews from people. Based on these 23 reviews and ratings, the overall rating of is 3.3, which is higher than average. Only 43% of people have rated them 5 stars. On the official website, all products have almost 5-star ratings, which is incredible. is only six months older. It is too young for a website’s domain age.

Gavye Clothing Reviews From Buyers

Gavye Clothing Reviews

Gavye clothing reviews are exceptionally high on All items are rated 5 stars, and the product’s quality is verified. The internal review system is editable for the owner or developer. According to the TrustPilot reports, they have attained a 3.3-star, which is medium satisfied. Also, 23 reviews are available on Trustpilot. Among them, some are positive, and some have complaints about the dress’s poor quality and no return policy implementation.

Scam Advisor has no reviews or feedback reports. They have shown the trust score of only one. According to, its rating is 5/5 based on the 7 Gavye reviews. has reported domain issues about Scam Detector is extracting its trust score of 48.8 out of 100. They have advised being cautious.

Pros & Cons (Gavye Clothing Reviews)


  • Good customer reviews.
  • Exceptionally high ratings.
  • Breathable, comfortable, durable and soft dresses.
  • Social presence.


  • Owner identity is shown.
  • The website trust score is low.
  • Some negative reviews have complaints about their quality and return policy.

Final Remarks (Gavye Clothing Reviews) has good quality clothes and dress varieties for women. In the end, they have hidden their owner’s identity. Their social profiles have good responses. The website trust score is shallow. Product ratings are high on the official website and are only medium on other platforms. Negative and positive Gavye clothing reviews are on all the platforms and sites. Many platforms advise us to be cautious about placing an order on this website. Do more research about the website and then place an order.

2 thoughts on “Gavye Clothing Reviews – Is It Legit Women Clothing Store or Another Scam?”

  1. It’s a scam – DO NOT BUY! Tried returning my very poor quality, wrong size dresses and they won’t refund. Website says the clothes are made in South Carolina, but they tell me the clothes will be shipped back to Dubai! Very poor quality of materials and they will not refund full amount or provide address where to refund.

    It’s a scam – DO NOT BUY!

  2. I do not recommend this company. They do not honor their return policy. Their website say theys allow returns but when I requested to return the 3 items I purchased, they offered me $30.00 to keep them. I said no, I want a full refund. They then came back with an offer of $50.00 or I could return at my expense to Dubai. Their website says the items are made in South Carolina. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. I have disputed the charge with my bank.

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